Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
Mary Baker Eddy

CHAPTER 12 - Christian Science Practice

- 409 -


effects. Intelligent matter is an impossibility. You may say: "But if disease obtains in matter, why do you insist that disease is formed by mortal mind and not by matter?" Mortal mind and body combine as one, and the nearer matter approaches its final statement, - animate error called nerves, brain, mind, - the more prolific it is likely to become in sin and disease-beliefs.

(Dictation of error)
Unconscious mortal mind - alias matter, brain - cannot dictate terms to consciousness nor say, "I am sick." The belief, that the unconscious substratum of mortal mind, termed the body, suffers and reports disease independently of this so-called conscious mind, is the error which prevents mortals from knowing how to govern their bodies.

(So-called superiority)
The so-called conscious mortal mind is believed to be superior to its unconscious substratum, matter, and the stronger never yields to the weaker, except through fear or choice. The animate should be governed by God alone. The real man is spiritual and immortal, but the mortal and imperfect so-called "children of men" are counterfeits from the beginning, to be laid aside for the pure reality. This mortal is put off, and the new man or real man is put on, in proportion as mortals realize the Science of man and seek the true model.

(Death no benefactor)
We have no right to say that life depends on matter now, but will not depend on it after death. We cannot spend our days here in ignorance of the Science of Life, and expect to find beyond the grave a reward for this ignorance. Death will not make us harmonious and immortal as a recompense for ignorance.

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