Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
Mary Baker Eddy

CHAPTER 12 - Christian Science Practice

- 431 -


I must remain silent until called for at this trial, when I would be allowed to testify in the case. Notwithstanding my rules to the contrary, the prisoner watched with the sick every night in the week. When the sick mortal was thirsty, the prisoner gave him drink. During all this time the prisoner attended to his daily labors, partaking of food at irregular intervals, sometimes going to sleep immediately after a heavy meal. At last he committed liver-complaint, which I considered criminal, inasmuch as this offence is deemed punishable with death. Therefore I arrested Mortal Man in behalf of the state (namely, the body) and cast him into prison.

At the time of the arrest the prisoner summoned Physiology, Materia Medica, and Hypnotism to prevent his punishment. The struggle on their part was long. Materia Medica held out the longest, but at length all these assistants resigned to me, Health-laws, and I succeeded in getting Mortal Man into close confinement until I should release him.

The next witness is called:-

I am Coated Tongue. I am covered with a foul fur, placed on me the night of the liver-attack. Morbid Secretion hypnotized the prisoner and took control of his mind, making him despondent.

Another witness takes the stand and testifies:-

I am Sallow Skin. I have been dry, hot, and chilled by turns since the night of the liver-attack. I have lost my healthy hue and become unsightly, although nothing on my part has occasioned this change. I practise daily ablutions and perform my functions as usual, but I am robbed of my good looks.

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