Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
Mary Baker Eddy

CHAPTER 12 - Christian Science Practice

- 432 -


The next witness testifies:-

I am Nerve, the State Commissioner for Mortal Man. I am intimately acquainted with the plaintiff, Personal Sense, and know him to be truthful and upright, whereas Mortal Man, the prisoner at the bar, is capable of falsehood. I was witness to the crime of liver-complaint. I knew the prisoner would commit it, for I convey messages from my residence in matter, alias brain, to body.

Another witness is called for by the Court of Error and says:-

I am Mortality, Governor of the Province of Body, in which Mortal Man resides. In this province there is a statute regarding disease, - namely, that he upon whose person disease is found shall be treated as a criminal and punished with death.

The Judge asks if by doing good to his neighbor, it is possible for man to become diseased, transgress the laws, and merit punishment, and Governor Mortality replies in the affirmative.

Another witness takes the stand and testifies:-

I am Death. I was called for, shortly after the report of the crime, by the officer of the Board of Health, who protested that the prisoner had abused him, and that my presence was required to confirm his testimony. One of the prisoner's friends, Materia Medica, was present when I arrived, endeavoring to assist the prisoner to escape from the hands of justice, alias nature's so-called law; but my appearance with a message from the Board of Health changed the purpose of Materia Medica, and he decided at once that the prisoner should die.

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