Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
Mary Baker Eddy

CHAPTER 12 - Christian Science Practice

- 435 -


man's immortal Spirit to heavenly mercy, - Spirit which is God Himself and Man's only lawgiver! Who or what has sinned? Has the body or has Mortal Mind committed a criminal deed? Counsellor False Belief has argued that the body should die, while Reverend Theology would console conscious Mortal Mind, which alone is capable of sin and suffering. The body committed no offence. Mortal Man, in obedience to higher law, helped his fellow-man, an act which should result in good to himself as well as to others.

The law of our Supreme Court decrees that whosoever sinneth shall die; but good deeds are immortal, bringing joy instead of grief, pleasure instead of pain, and life instead of death. If liver-complaint was committed by trampling on Laws of Health, this was a good deed, for the agent of those laws is an outlaw, a destroyer of Mortal Man's liberty and rights. Laws of Health should be sentenced to die.

Watching beside the couch of pain in the exercise of a love that "is the fulfilling of the law," - doing "unto others as ye would that they should do unto you," - this is no infringement of law, for no demand, human or divine, renders it just to punish a man for acting justly. If mortals sin, our Supreme Judge in equity decides what penalty is due for the sin, and Mortal Man can suffer only for his sin. For naught else can he be punished, according to the law of Spirit, God.

Then what jurisdiction had his Honor, Judge Medicine, in this case? To him I might say, in Bible language, "Sittest thou to judge . . . after the law, and commandest . . . to be smitten contrary to the law?" The only jurisdiction to which the prisoner can submit is that of Truth, Life, and Love. If they condemn him not, neither shall Judge Medicine condemn him; and I ask that the prisoner be restored to the liberty of which he has been unjustly deprived.

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