Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
Mary Baker Eddy

Fruitage - (CHAPTER 18)

- 687 -


happy I could hardly contain myself; to material sense it was wonderful. As I walked I kept saying, "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful," and tried to understand "the scientific statement of being" by repeating portions at a time, then pondering over them. I read the book four times in succession, and every time I found more and more to aid in the understanding.

This healing was in October, 1901, with no other help than Science and Health, and soon I was relieved of other chronic ailments. In February I was able to put away eyeglasses, which I had worn ten years and a half for astigmatism. Oculists told me I would always have to wear them. A month later my father asked me to help him, as he was suffering so much from constipation, dyspepsia, and neuralgia. He had been subsisting on bran, nearly starving himself until he was most miserable, and his limbs seemed so cold that they were kept wrapped in blankets. I felt very humble as he asked me, and told him I would have a practitioner help him, as I had never treated any one; but he would not consent to have any one but myself, and I finally told him I would try, but that he must not hold Science responsible if he were not benefited, for my lack of understanding, and not Science, would be at fault. At my request he read Science and Health, ate whatever he wanted, and used no medicine in any form. After two treatments I received word from him that he was healed of that bondage of thirty years' standing. In view of all these signs which followed my acceptance of Christian Science, I knew it must be true. - R. L. A., Chicago, Ill.

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