Christian Science Bible Lesson Topics


Mary Baker Eddy has created a formalized system of Bible lessons in which 26 topics are repeated twice a year. The following is a list of these topics,

  1. God
  2. Sacrament
  3. Life
  4. Truth
  5. Love
  6. Spirit
  7. Soul
  8. Mind
  9. Christ Jesus
  10. Man
  11. Substance
  12. Matter
  13. Reality
  14. Unreality
  15. Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?
  16. Doctrine of Atonement
  17. Probation after Death
  18. Everlasting Punishment
  19. Adam and Fallen Man
  20. Mortals and Immortals
  21. Soul and Body
  22. Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism Denounced
  23. God the only Cause and Creator
  24. God the Preserver of Man
  25. Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?
  26. Christian Science

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