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The triangular plot for the Mother Church edifices


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The nature of a triangle

A triangle is one of the most basic shapes in geometry, and one of the most unique in the spiritual sense, in that it contains no directly opposite sides. 

In a triangle, in one of which all sides are equal, only the end points are facing the sides, projecting their identity onto them. It is unknown whether Mary Baker Eddy had selected a triangular plot of land for building her original church edifice on, for this reason.

In locating all of her major works, and binging their elements into relationship with each other, Mary Baker Eddy has chosen the foursquare structure that is mentioned in Revelation 21. In such a structure completely direct opposites can be explored, such as reality and unreality. A foursquare structure can also be seen in vertical alignment in terms of four rivers of development, from depravity to the divine. 

The glossary of her textbook contains 144 definitions of terms for her foursquare structure, when the various types of dual definitions are considered that are contained in the glossary. Among the 144 definitions, we find only 4 of her synonyms for God defined, which are Life, Spirit, Mind, and Principle. The remaining three definitions - Love, Truth, and Soul - are not included. Could it be that these three aspects of God are kept apart for defining the triangular nature of the Mother Church idea, an idea that exists without opposites, where each side, however, is centered on a specific point by which its nature is defined, and thereby the nature of the Mother Church as an idea.

The three defining aspects of the Mother Church, by its triangular foundation, can therefore be deemed to be "Love, Truth, and Soul."  

Here we have the heart of the "Mother" principle defined in reflecting the nature of God. On these this foundation without opposites, the triangle of Love, Truth, and Soul, civilization is secure. 

A tripod, such as photographers use, which stands on three points, is the most secure structure ever created that can stand securely in 'any' terrain. For this reason the photographers carry tripods with them to mount their camera on as a steady platform. However, if one of the tree legs of the tripod fails, the entire structure falls down. This means that when one of the three pillars of the Mother Church - Love, Truth, and Soul - is neglected, the Mother Church and civilization are both doomed to collapse.

Since in a triangle no opposites exist, the key quality of the Mother principle appears to reflect this basic characteristic of no opposites. It tells us that the exploration of the healing power of God in individual affairs, and world affairs, should not be pursued by bowing to opposites such as heal and disease (don't focus on the unreal), but need to be pursued with the development of a deep spiritual intimacy with God, with what is actually real. 

Love, Truth, and Soul are real. These three, evidently, are our three 'mothering' pillars in daily living; a foundation for living securely, a secure foundation for civilization.

The triangle is significant as a structure without opposites. This characteristic makes it and ideal platform for a church designed for healing, such as a church of the Christ, of the healing and mothering aspect of God. 

Christ Jesus declared emphatically that he did not come to oppose and destroy, but to fulfill. When Pontius Pilate asked him, "are you a king then?" he declared, "I came... that I should bear witness unto the truth." (John 18) He evidently realized that there is no point in opposing what is not true to begin with. Modern society would do well in recognizing this fact, especially in politics, finance, and economics. The world really does need a church today that is from its foundation up, designed not to oppose, but to fulfill.

When Christ Jesus overthrew the tables of the money changers in the temple, he did so in fulfilling of the law, the law that demands emphatically that all that is holy, must be kept holy. Christ Jesus said on many occasions, speaking in parables about civilization, that a house divided against itself cannot stand. He may have been referring to the great opposites -  empire versus civilization - and he is right that such a house cannot stand as we presently experience, which is currently falling down. Whenever empire has been allowed into the 'house of civilization' at any point in history that house was doomed. In every case the 'house' did fall, and whatever society had latched itself onto, fell with it. As an example, understanding this, the U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt had declared, after the Glass Steagall Act was passed, "the money changers have been thrown out of the temples of our civilization." The Glass Steagall Act prohibited the financial thievery that had dragged the country into its worst depression. (It has since been repealed, with tragic consequences.)

Christ Jesus counseled, don't waste your efforts by playing the games that are played in a house divided against itself, keep the house clear. Truth has no opposition. Love has no opposite when God is All, and God is Love. The soul of mankind, reflecting divine Soul, can never reflect anything other than God, the 'living intention' of God expressed throughout the Universe.

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The triangular foundation for the Mother Church, as an institution that is designed to "fulfill," and not to oppose, is most significant as no other churches appear to exist, built on such a platform. 

The triangle of the Mother Church has three points, Love, Truth, and Soul. Each point is focused onto its respective side by projection. The church, therefore is not God itself, or the externalized representative of God as many churches claim. Instead, it is designed to project the divine 'light' of Love, Truth, and Soul into civilization. That is what the Mother Church is founded to express.

What else would a Mother Church express? Mary Baker Eddy herself was a bearer of its light. As the author of the Christian Science textbook she projects the light of Truth. As the Pastor Emeritus of The Mother Church, she projects the light of Love. And as the President of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, she projects the Soul of God, the divine purpose, bringing evermore light into civilization.

Mary Baker Eddy's threefold nature as the bearer of the divine 'light' of the Mother Church is further explored in conjunction with Christ and Christmas in an extensive, and a rather challenging, exploration project.

Intimacy and Christ and Christmas 

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