Agape Research

How to counter "mortal mind's"
mental malpractice
with the scientific practice of mental healing?
 by Rolf Witzsche


One tends to get into a whole lot of hot water as one challenges outdated notions, as I did many a time during the course of the discovery and development work in exploring Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structures. The adversaries rarely tire. I also had to take some flack for having dared in my novels to open the Pandora's box of small minded thinking to the full realization of the principle of universal love and universal sovereignty in the social domain at the grassroots level. This reaction came as no surprise. It only put me into the court of denials in which Mary Baker Eddy found herself and had faced infinitely more opposition, who had continued her work nevertheless.

I must confess, I too, had been a champion of mortal mind's mental malpractice on many occasions. But I also realized that one can wake up from this 'dream.' And that is what it really is, a dream without power. Let me give you an example.

There was a time when I suffered from a stiff neck and back each morning. Sometimes the pain lingered on for hours. Indeed, the whole condition did linger on. It lingered on for years and wouldn't yield in spite of my best efforts to heal it. Then somebody, in a meeting, voiced a profound truth, saying that Christian Science has never failed. I almost laughed. Was I not a perfect example that Christian Science can fail? It had failed me. I was feeling the usual pain that very morning when the statement was made. But at this moment I also realized that this statement could actually be true, since Christian Science itself, doesn't really heal anything. I realized that it merely represents the principles of Truth that Christ Jesus had understood and demonstrated, which he hadn't invented either, which simply exist as the principles of the universe, the principle of reality; and I realized that these principles are as valid in our time as were in Jesus' time, or in Mary Baker Eddy's time, and that they would therefore have to be just as effective at that very moment as they had been in those earlier times.

With that thought, my mental malpracticing against my own health, we defeated. At that very moment the pain simply flowed away. It never re-occurred, not once.

This simple experience shows that we need to be alert to be scientifically truthful with ourselves. Unfortunately, my case of malpracticing against myself was not an isolated one. That sort of thing has become an almost universal pastime, even in the field of Christian Science, where people are doing a rather good job at it. All too often small-minded thinking literally forces people into these situations, which often unfold as self-fulfilling prophesies. In most cases there is no malicious intent involved; just a lie against the truth; a denial here and another denial there. People deny even Christian Science as an effective platform for mental healing. They also deny Mary Baker Eddy as a leading edge scientist, just as they deny the very existence of her vast pedagogical structure that all of her works were designed to be a part of.

A whole lot of denials clutter the 'airwaves' today in respect to her pedagogical structure. Some say it doesn't exist. Other say it is irrelevant. Others again, say, it is too huge for one to understand. They say it is overwhelming. Another imply that it is totally useless, wondering why would I even consider what no one else would. And so, the chatter goes on, but none of it is true. It is all but a chatter of opinions. None of it is based on any universal principle, and how could it be. A negation has no principle. It is a lie by a small-minded mentality against the person's highest self-interest who utters the lie.

Mortal mind has no power. A negation has no power to harm us, unless we embrace its suggestion. That's the only power it can have. We give it power by carrying out its demand, and so we suffer the consequences of that little mind's mental malpractice that we inflict upon ourselves. Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure is designed to be our guide towards our understanding of the principles of Truth that enables us to break the grip of the little so-called mortal mind, for Mind is immortal, universal in its reflection in man, and in it is truthfullness in every respect.

Scientific truthfulness is the key. When the chatter mill gets cranked up and runs red hot with denials and opinions, I have no choice, but to realize my duty as a scientist to lift myself above the senseless chatters of lies. Every human being has this duty. Don't we have a duty to be truthful with ourselves? And we have also a duty to be truthful with one another. That's a part of the process of healing. How could it be any other way? The chatter of opinions and lies hurt us all. We have an interest in seeing it stop. For example, the denial of the existence of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure doesn't gain anyone anything, but it prevents the field from realizing its potential. It prevents the field from uplifting the efficacy of Christian Science healing, and that's a tragic result.  In a very real way, the field is mental-malpracticing against itself. That's silly, isn't it?

The only possible solution is that the field uplift itself above its own chattering. Just listen to the chatter of opinions, and carefully search for whatever universal principle can you detect in the following comments about  Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure: Why do you bother with that? Don't think! Truth comes from the heart? There is nothing there to see but a personal philosophy? We are not smart enough for this, let future ages do the work.

It appears that some of the above listed mortal mind chatter may have a political motivation behind it. The comment, "Don't think!" may have been spoken out of fear that the opening of society's inner eye to acknowledge truth may spoil someone's imperial objective. Naturally, mortal mind lacks the honesty to say so. Indeed, dishonesty and untruthfulness is mortal mind's playground. It is its calling card. It bids every human being to deny itself and become a willing patron saint of its mental malpractice, a saint of lies, fear, and untruthfulness. But this is not the home ground of the human being who is divinely endowed to KNOW the truth; to discover universal principles and to acknowledge them.

The above type of contest between mortal mind's senseless chatter of lies, and the voice of divine Mind reflected in man, the voice of Truth, is the context formally laid out in Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure as a platform of Christian Science voicing truth, and the impositions of mortal mind's mental malpractice that stand in contrast with that platform as a countervailing structure, but without a leg to stand on.

To explore that contrast is actually quite a lot of fun. Mortal mind says: You can't get there, to Truth, from where you are. Mary Baker Eddy answers: Come and see. Let me guide you. There is no goal that you cannot reach, even the goal to be able to heal as I did.

One can recognize that contest being responded to, in a slightly different way, in the way the pedagogical structure is designed. Its first development stream in the first half of the structure, is focused on knowing the truth by the process of discovery. The first development stream in the second half of the structure (the third column), correspondingly is focused on healing, on shutting down mortal mind's mental malpractice as suggested lies and opinions, by a process of divine Science being understood and acknowledged. To the best of my knowledge, Mary Baker Eddy never acknowledged that she was healing a physical disease of any sort, but she did define Christian Science as the absolute divine principle of scientific mental healing.

Mortal mind and mental malpractice are one. Mortal mind, becoming so small in its self-denial, is incapable of correct mental practice. Only a human being is capable of that, unless that human being falls prey to the chatter and accepts mortal mind's self-denial, thereby denying man's immortal, infinite nature, which thereby becomes lost out of sight.

Mortal mind has countless ways to project its disabling mental malpractice into the living of society, simply, because we have never put up any meaningful self-defense. To the contrary, we habitually open our arms wide to the lies against the truth by simply accepting everything on faith. We even go to others and say to them, give us your opinions. Teach us. The very notion of teaching implies that we accept what we are taught, on faith. Thus, we are opening ourselves to accept lies or untruthful ideas. We should be very cautions against that, but we are not. We hail the entire process.

For instance, I have been asked on a few occasions whether I am a teacher of Christian Science, which I am not. But to the person who asked that question, this was important. If I had said yes, it would have colored my discoveries about Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure to appear more truthful. That person would have done better to ask himself if my discoveries are verifiable and are a truthful representation of what actually exists. This didn't happen. There is a deep seated mental malpractice involved in the adoration of teachers, which denies one's own abilities as a human being. Evidently one needs to step beyond that, to the clear recognition that in Truth, there is no need for teaching. Mary Baker Eddy really tries to open that door wide to all humanity, with her pedagogical structure that is designed to draw out profound discoveries out of one's own resources, by our learning to recognize universal principles and to build on them. Eventually, when this battle is won, when the mental malpractice of mortal mind comes to an end, people will recognize that the bridge from teaching to knowing has been crossed and the need for being taught anything, falls away.  The teachers then become pedagogical guides to bring out the full capacities of the human being, which already exist. This may not be easy to achieve, but there is no other way for society to elevate itself.

Mortal mind's tendency is to always force small-minded thinking onto humanity, because its vision is physically defined. But the human being is a spiritual being. The recognition of this fact lifts humanity above the small-minded songs. That, however, takes some scientific effort. The whole world sings mortal mind's song of mental malpractice: Don't open your eye's; there's nothing to see. 

The scientific effort to stop that, begins with saying, NO! A Bible story comes to mind from Nehemia, about the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem. When the building was nearing completion, his foes send messengers to bid him to come down from the wall and meet with them, but he refused. "Why should the work cease?" was his answer. This should be our answer to every mental malpractice attempt by mortal mind. Man's native air is in divine Mind, reflected in healing and health, and love, and sufficiency. We can ill-afford to come down from that, even to meet mortal mind half way. And that is how we can defeat it. It has no power to act, but requires us to act against us. It exists only as a negation. It bids us to give it power. All too often, we habitually comply. How silly of us.

My goal in writing my five novels series, The Lodging for the Rose, is to shatter this habit. Our goal in Science is to represent the truth and its universal principles. We cannot afford to allow our life and our world to be governed by the mental malpractice of mortal mind, no matter how time honored this may be, and no matter how strongly the call is voiced to come down from the truth to the level of opinion. Yes, mortal mind will rebel and cry out; How dare you to even suggest the notion of bringing the principle of universal love and universal sovereignty into the social domain at the grass roots level! This has never been done before. That's a task reserved for future generations. Don't even think of it now. Keep your eyes and your mind, and the world, in darkness, as things had been for countless ages, Don't even think about the reality of you being. Should we comply? Well, we do. How silly of us?

But this is not where this battle ends. The mental malpractice of mortal mind has vastly wider implications. It powers all wars, all destruction, all murders, every unkind word. Hate, the gloriously honored agent of mortal mind, the outcome of countless forms of mental malpractice, is allowed to stand in the world. Doesn't everyone hate something or someone? Humanity bows to hate. Hate is the outcome of extremely small-minded thinking, and the consequences are devastatingly deadly.

If one were to survey the aftermath of all the battle scenes of every war, in which countless thousands of men have butchered each other to death, often in the most horrible way possible, what would we see? We would see a landscape littered with dead bodies, friend and foe alike. In this scene of gore, their differences in hate would somehow appear silly. Some had hated for king, others for country, others for freedom, others for honor; some had lived to kill, some had lived for retribution; some had even hated and killed for God. But who would be able to tell the one from the other on the silent fields of death that they all shared, sharing the fate that mortal mind virtually guarantees with its mental malpractice? Indeed, who of them had even realized that they had all lived as pawns in the game of mortal mind that bids humanity to 'come down' from the truth and respond to to that mind's (so-called) mental malpractice, without which no war could ever have been launched.

Nor has this battle of mortal mind against humanity, ended. Society has merely laid down the axe for the nuclear bomb. And so the game continues and becomes ever larger. The game, of course also includes the more modern warfare that ridicules whoever stands up and dares to shut the game down. "How dare you to say that we have the power to end wars! The principle of universal love doesn't apply to real living!"

Another subtle lie that is put forth, says that Christian Science presents the principle of mental healing to combat disease only. So keep your mind closed to everything else. Nuclear war is the future of humanity, just accept that. Hate, greed, rage, are here to stay. Who are you to suggest that this will ever change? And so the building of more bombs continues, and more divisions are created as humanity powerfully malpractices against itself by denying that the divine principle of universal love can have a profound relevance in the 'real' world.

Here one needs to ask; Is this process any different than society saying to itself about Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure, that it doesn't exist; it has no relevance; it is too difficult to understand; and so forth? In this manner, the Christian Scientist is mentally malpracticing against his highest self-interest, and becomes highly efficient at it. This malpractice is so effective that Christian Science healing becomes evermore precarious. It is rather silly, isn't it, to devote one's life to maintaining this trap?

Actually, it is more than silly. It is a deadly pursuit. May people have placed their life on the platform of a process for which the foundation is constantly being denied. Unwavering reliance on Christian Science treatment has become a death trap for many people who have blindly demanded to be healed on a platform for which the very foundation of it is said to have no relevance, which is therefore, being denied to even exist. This deadly trap has engulfed even seasoned Christian Scientists, even in the families of the teachers. 

But that kind of deadly trap goes beyond even this small sphere. The governments of nations has become a government by opinion, not truth. It is ruled by the mental malpractice of mortal mind, rather than by a commitment to universal principles reflecting verifiable Truth. I know of no war in history that has been started on the platform of Truth. It just can't happen.

There are many different phenomena of mental malpractice that one can name. For instance the problem of bullying, is clearly one of these, an outgrowth of small-minded thinking, of a 'small' perception of self-worth. Likewise, the problem of excessive material perfectionism, is another evidence of the same kind of fundamental problem of self-malpractice. Conventional wisdom treats all of these problems in isolation as unique psychological phenomena. Mary Baker Eddy, however, combines them all summarily under their 'family' name of mortal mind. She identified 16 different types of mental malpractice under this name, each one specifically identified by its relationship to Mary Baker Eddy's 16 element pedagogical structure. She also identified these 16 different types of mental malpractice as standing in juxtaposition with the platform of Christian Science, in the context of the pedagogical structure. Mary Baker Eddy also degreed that the exploration of this interrelationship become a part of the education of every teacher of Christian Science. She did not degree that this subject be covered in the primary class, but for that reason, perhaps, she stipulated that a teacher of Christian Science has the responsibility to continue to act as a guide to the student after the class ends, evidently to uplift the student above the quagmire of mental malpractice, thereby uplifting the platform for Christian Science healing universally, and with it its effectiveness.

Naturally, the resource for all this demanding work has also been provided by Mary Baker Eddy. It has been provided in the form of the Glossary structure, which guides one on a still higher level of scientific discovery. This level is not covered by any form of formal education. For this education Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical work alone is humanity's guide, drawing on the resources of infinite Mind.

Ultimately, there is no teaching authorized in Christian Science, in the standard sense. Even Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical work doesn't teach anything in that sense. It is a structure that poses questions within a scientifically defined framework that covers the whole of human existence and truth. Just as the slave-boy in the Meno dialog was merely guided by Socrates asking him questions that the boy had to answer for himself, whereby to discover the underlying principles for obtaining the solution for a problem put to him, so Mary Baker Eddy has set up a framework for asking oneself questions in which are bound up the principles for solving all of the problems in the human domain.