Agape Research

"Mortal mind's" specific antipode
to Christian Science healing
 by Rolf Witzsche


Let us consider an example of how a single one the 16 elements of "mortal mind" can be related to a specific human problem, and how the counteracting aspects of truth from the corresponding elements of the 32 element platform of Christian Science can be utilized  to overcome that problem. 

Also, lets us further explore how the specifically related elements from the chapter Recapitulation fit in this scientific picture, together with the respective elements from the definition for Adam, and the Bible lesson topics. (please refer to the applicable pedagogical topics for the relevant details not presented here)

Furthermore, the specific mortal mind phenomenon that I have chosen for this example is the much celebrated philosophy of "greed based economics," the Adam Smith philosophy.

Clearly, greed based economics is the product of mortal mind and it's mental malpractice. Greed based economics cannot be anything else, since no element of divine Principle supports greed, or greed based economics. In fact, greed based economics comes to light as a negation, a denial of divine Principle.

Except, which specific divine aspect of truth, is it a negation of?

In order to answer that question, let's look at the phenomenon honestly. What is its goal? What is it denying? 

Basically, the goal of creed based economics is to take from others whatever one can get, and then some more. The goal certainly is not to enrich society and elevate civilization. This means that it represents a denial of the principle that enriches society, the principle of universal love, manifesting divine Love. In other words, greed based economics is a negation of divine Love, a negation of the very foundation for Christian Science healing.

With that established, let's search for an element of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure that represents divine Love, - that represents Christian Science healing. 

That element is found in the topmost position of the second column, or the second development stream. Indeed, the applicable visual image for this element position, the applicable painting from Christ and Christmas that represents this element in metaphor, is appropriately titled, "Christian Science Healing" (the first half of the scene, and the first verse apply). 

This topmost element in the second column is also profoundly representing divine Love in the form of the Apostle John's metaphor of the woman of the Apocalypse, clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars, the "stars in heavens of rejoicing." In combination, these two metaphors make it rather clear that this element position represents divine Love.

With the applicable matrix element of the pedagogical structure thereby established,  let's take a look which element of the 16 element definition for "mortal mind" is associated with the above identified element position. In our case, the third element applies, which Mary Baker Eddy has defined as, "error, creating other errors." Doesn't this specific definition for mortal mind also describe the nature of greed based economics perfectly? Greed based economics represents a fundamental error that has become the foundation for a world-wide system of erroneous forms of economics that are destroying the global economy to the degree that the global economy is built on this underlying error.

The fundamental error that is involved here should theoretically stand in opposition to the principles laid in the applicable Christian Science platform statements with which the fundamental error of mortal mind can be corrected.

Let's see if that is what we get. The 5th and 6th platform statements apply here (See the full details).

The first statement of the two affirms that God, Spirit, is All-in-all; and that the whole universe expresses God.

The second of the two statements affirms that God is divine Principle, Love, the universal cause. 

Greed based economics clearly denies both aspects. Greed is a denial of the principle of universal love, or divine Love. It is also a denial of the universality of God, good, as the only cause. Inversely, greed can be dissolved on the basis of the 5th and 6th Christian Science platform statements.

Obviously, God could not be the author of greed based economics, since God, divine Principle, is not the author of self-contradictory opposites. If contradiction in principle were an aspect of the divine All-in-all, the universe would have disintegrated long ago, or never have come to be. This train of reasoning takes one back to the relevant definition for mortal mind as "error, creating other errors."

Of course, one doesn't need to stop here. We can continue the process by drawing into view also the corresponding elements of the chapter "Recapitulation" and the corresponding elements of the definition for Adam. In this case the 5th and 6th elements apply once again in which the highest human needs are met by divine Love.

Since the specific trap of mortal mind has already been defined, the definitions for the term Adam aren't required to re-define it. Instead, the definition for the name, Adam, defines the nature of mortal mind's mental malpractice. In our case the Adamic malpractice is defined as, "the opposite of good, - of God and His creation; a curse."

The corresponding aspects of truth that stand against this malpractice, are in our case defined by the Recapitulation questions and answers shown below.

Question 5. - What are the demands of the Science of Soul?

Question 6. - What is the scientific statement of being? 

(See the full details)

With these two question and answer statements, the specific types of the mental malpractice of greed based economics can now be reversed and replaced with a higher platform of human economy. 

The specific divine Principle that is reflected in human economy, is that principle of the universal singularity of Soul that is reflected in our humanity, which we all share. The same is also reflected in Mary Baker Eddy's second statement of the above two, which represents the reality of our being in which material aspects have no place. By focusing on the principles in these statements, the sphere of human economy can be uplifted onto the divine platform where greed absolutely has no place.

Humanity is presently very far away from embracing the scientifically correct platform of economics. The reason, evidently is, that greed based economics is not recognized as a mortal mind construct, or a form of mental malpractice. Until this error is corrected, the human economy will continue to collapse, as is already happening, and will totally disintegrate in due course, unless society chooses a new course of economics in which these errors are not found, but are corrected.

To some degree, history actually confirms that the above assessment is correct. History suggests that greed based economics was originally designed by Adam Smith to act as an imperial weapon for destroying the economy of the USA from within (commissioned during a carriage ride in the 18th Century). The weapon was said to be designed as a means for recapturing the British Empire's North American colonies that asserted their independence. If this is true, which may well be the case, greed based economics had been intentionally designed to unfold as a malicious form of mental malpractice from the very beginning.

In today's world, greed based economics is regarded as a philosophic opinion, even a generally cherished opinion, but Mary Baker Eddy defines it as a negation of the truth about God and man. As an opinion, humanity may at best fight with one another over that issue, and this can go on until the cows come home without anything ever being resolved. But if one looks at greed based economics from the high level perception of divine Science, where we no longer deal with opinions, nothing remains of that issue. It becomes resolved with the truth reflected in universal principles, not opinion. Greed based economics is a non-issue at the level. Thus, one can predict with certainty, that as soon as humanity uplifts itself to that level, its many forms of breed based economics will be swept away into the trash bin of history and out of sight and hearing.

All of this is reflected in the aspects that relate to the element of the pedagogical matrix that greed based economics relates to. Only one aspect remains. That aspect is the Bible lesson topics. By the use of two dual questions, the chapter Recapitulation provides a link to the 26 lesson topics and the 26 definitions for the name, Adam. The two specific lesson topics that correspond to our case, are the topics of, "Love," and "Spirit." In the light of these two topics, when they are scientifically pursued, greed based economics are bound to disappear from the human scene, never to reappear.

I have chosen the phenomenon of "greed based economics" as an example subject to illustrate the various types of processes and interrelationships that are involved in dealing with the problems of mortal mind. I have also chosen the specific subject of greed based economics for still another reason. The reason is, that the subject represents a clear denial of divine Love, which happens to be one of the chief cornerstones for Christian Science healing, without which Christian Science healing will surely diminish and possibly disappear. However, inversely, if it is our goal to increase the efficacy of Christian Science healing in the world, then we have no choice, but to devote our efforts to dissolving the mental malpractice of mortal mind, especially those specific aspects that are directly, and powerfully, undermining the very foundation of Christian Science healing, as is the mental malpractice of greed based economics. For this reason, the exploration of greed based economics was necessary, in order for me to bring out the direction that must be pursued if we aim to increase the efficacy of Christian Science healing. We certainly cannot go into two opposite directions simultaneously, embracing both, greed based economics, and Christian Science. One excludes the other.