Agape Research

An anti-Hamlet step
for effective Christian Science healing
 by Rolf Witzsche


Where does the realization leave us, that the field of Christian Science is stuck in an endless loop of self-denial? It leaves one with the anti-Hamlet type of demand to do something about it, and that, in my case, opened the flood gates to 20 years of intense work. 

Instead of listening to the mental malpractice that would ideally shut down human development, by insisting about Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical work, that there is really nothing there to be found, I looked at the simple fact that Mary Baker Eddy has created all of her works, structurally divided into sixteen elements, or multiples thereof. The evidence was undeniable that she created something profound for a purpose that was yet unknown. Once I was made aware of this, I said to myself I must find out what this means; I must discover what Mary Baker Eddy has labored so generously to lay before us; I've got to know!

Well, my work to explore all of this in detail, and to document this work, covered the space of about 20 years. 

The work was carried out in four dimensions simultaneously. Much of that work is documented in my nine volume research series, Discovering Infinity. The research works cover three dimensions; the moral, the spiritual, and the scientific.

Volume 1 is devoted to the dimension of morality, or the lack of it, as the moral dimension has been, and still is, being dragged evermore into the gutter of depravity. Volume 2 addresses the spiritual dimension, or rather the dawn of it. Volume 3, in turn, addresses the scientific dimension. This volume covers all the discovered details of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structures - (a huge amount of work.) After this, the whole sequence is repeated again from a higher level scientific perception. Volume 4 focuses on the moral domain again, Volume 5 on the spiritual domain, and Volume 6 on the scientific domain, but seen from the higher basis set up on the platform of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical work. Volume 6 also opens up the question; where do we go from here?

The self-evident answer to that question has already been provided by Mary Baker Eddy. The answer is contained in those two words referred to earlier; immortality and Love. With Love being capitalized, we are dealing with the principle of universal love manifested in the entire domain of human existence, from the political, economic, and ideological levels, all the way down to the grassroots level of the 'kitchen floor' where the challenge hits us as close to the home gate as one can get. 

The challenge is such, that unless it is taken up at this innermost level, every other attempt to do this is bound to fail as any superstructure without a foundation is bound to collapse. This has been the experience of mankind throughout history. That is why every Renaissance in history has collapsed, and why the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia also collapsed, that once had established peace based on the recognition of the principle of universal love and universal sovereignty in the political domain. That is also why the USA is presently on the fast track of collapsing itself, which had been founded on the principle of universal love and universal sovereignty in the national domain. The USA once stood as a beacon of hope for humanity in a dark imperial age. Now, sadly, it stands itself as the most despised nation; an angel of darkness, and this for good reasons.

Evidently, the demand of Science, to develop the principle of universal love (reflecting divine Love) at the grass roots level, is one of the most urgent demands on humanity in our modern age, in which civilization is already beginning to collapse in the shadow of wars, death-threats, global looting, and numerous aspects of intentionally orchestrated economic destruction. The challenge to meet the pressing demand of our time, however, is to light the flame of immortality and love at the grassroots level of human living. Surprisingly, this challenge is astonishingly horrendous. The subject is so wide and so deep reaching that the writing of five novels was required to explore that sphere where immortality and Love are as deeply denied as nowhere else in the entire human domain.

That work, too, is now complete. The series of novels is no presented under the summary title: The Lodging for the Rose.

But where does all of this vast amount of work, that was absolutely necessary, leave the individual Christian Scientist? The sheer volume of work that is presented in this context can be totally overwhelming. Indeed it is. 

The answer to that question is found in Mary Baker Eddy's suggestion: "Emerge gently..."  "Think not to thwart the spiritual ultimate of all things, but come naturally into Spirit through better health and morals and as the result of spiritual growth." (S&H 485) While spiritual growth is one of the objectives of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical work, one doesn't have to force feed oneself. Even the rudimental elements came to light in my experience as being profoundly powerful. I had experienced this fact myself on countless occasions by bringing the rudimental elements into the context of the Christian Science Bible lessons. My work in this sphere, too, is now completed. 

The task that I had set out to accomplish two decades ago, has been accomplished, and this to a much greater extent than I ever thought possible. In other words, the work is done, and the realization needs to be made that it is done. This means that the continuity must unfold in the courts of society itself. In the last scene in Christ and Christmas, before the final column begins in its correlation with the pedagogical structure, the column that pertains to the development of divine Science - immortality and Love - we see Christ Jesus sitting down, with his mantle taken off (see Christian Unity). Beside him stands the future generation of thinkers, a scientific Christianity, which now carries the torch. That is where the work now rests, and the responsibility for it. Indeed, this responsibility has become an exceedingly grave responsibility.

The gravity of the responsibility before the field of Christian Science involves literally the protection of civilization and the life of humanity as a whole. The cries for nuclear war are now louder than ever. The nuclear bombs have already been taken out of their strong box in the background of these cries, and been put openly on the shelf for 'preemptive' adventures. The grape wine sings of a possibility of even a dual nuclear attack, one by Israel against Iran, and one by the USA against North Korea, which may draw in the whole Eurasian continent.

The political scene is not much better. Politically, we live in a world in which Adolf Hitler would rejoice, if he saw it, a world ruled by many of his kind. Indeed, his own "crown Jurist" Carl Schmitt, sponsored one of the most promising young 'minds' on his age to go to America and carry the torch for the fascist ideology there, whose fruit of labor has now created a whole new wave of fascism in the world, centered in America and in the minds of a largely 'empty' society (see the story Empty People.)

In addition, we face the greatest economic collapse in history, that has already begun to a minute degree. There are now cries heard on the grape wine with demands for collapsing the whole thing totally and artificially, in order to create the conditions under which the nations of the world find themselves driven to accept a global world currency under imperial control, by which the imperialization of humanity would be complete. What the grape wine sings on this theme, is that present policies of near zero interest rates will be reversed once the whole world is fully addicted to cheap money; that it will be jacked up ten to fifteen times, thereby blowing out every economic structure that remains still standing. This is certainly possible in the US, where there exists no recourse by government to prevent this, which has given up its sovereign control over the nation's currency into the hands of private speculators and greedy financiers and profiteers.

That's the kind of insanity that is staring in humanity's face, with the full knowledge that not a single war has yet been avoided throughout the last century, that has been agitated and prepared for with the intensity that we see now unfolding on many fronts. All of this adds up to a grave responsibility for the field of Christian Science, to achieve, in this late hour, what has never been achieved before.

Ironically, the most powerful tool that has ever been developed to counter this threat of insanity, which is Christian Science coming light in divine Science, - in Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure, - has been disabled from within by the veil of denials. That is the stage at which society stands today, and where it must begin to carry its own ball, if it is not already too late for that. So far, I can see no evidence that this process has begun, or that there is even the slightest interest for it, much less a commitment to carry out the work that needs to be done by society to rescue itself.

That is why Christian Science is presently failing, and immortality and Love have become a dead issue in the world. This also points to the platform on which the failing can be reversed if there is a desire to do that, which would obviously be a much wiser choice for society than to commit itself to laying itself down to die, as is presently the case.