Agape Research

In Retrospect
 by Rolf Witzsche


Looking back over the last 20 years, which were years marked by an intense development work, now that the work is complete, I find that the 'landscape' of this period is best described by the symphonic music of Jean Sibelius' violin concerto. The dynamic range of, and the color of the passion in this work, for the human that is divine, contrasting against the emptiness of an icy world, illustrates to some degree what this development work encompassed. The music portrays the landscape of discovery well, including the midnight oil being burnt; and the early morning dawns; the disappointments, struggles, and also the breakthroughs that come with such joy that one feels like walking on clouds.

Intertwined with the color of the 'landscape' is also the unique dimension of the development of the five novels, the series, The Lodging for the Rose. It adds a special tone all of its own. It takes the intellectual element of divine Science and transforms it into a human scene of everyday struggles and agonies, and joys, and advanced realizations. With that, still another symphonic work comes to mind in which the structure of the series of novels is profoundly described.

As the 20 years period of work can be summed up with the music of the Sibelius' violin concerto, so, the structure of the novels can be summed up with the music of Saint-Saen's "Organ" Symphony. The movements of the symphony are joined into two continuous parts, which are also divided in half by the transition to the great, majestic, organ passage. The same shift takes place in the novels. Right in the middle of the series, somewhere near the center of the third novel, a profound shift takes place. Up to that point the protagonist finds himself largely being pulled along by the scientific breakthrough achievements of others. Suddenly he finds himself forced to stand on his own, together with his friends, each on his own resources. Out of that, he emerges as a driving force out of the depth of his own scientific development. That shift is beautifully echoed in the Organ Symphony. It unfolds majestically there, just as it does unfold in many different colors in the third novel, which then sets the stage for the last two novels.

The shift from the back seat, to the driver's seat, that is so wonderfully echoed by the organ passage, is the breakthrough that must be achieved universally in today's world. It is the shift that is indicated in the previously mention scene from Christ and Christmas (see Christian Unity) in which Christ Jesus stands down, his mantle removed, while the 'ball' is taken over by the scientific pioneers of society. That shift that is indicated here, is so profound that nothing short of a grand, majestic, organ passage could properly punctuate it, because from this point on, there is no going back.

Up to the time of this writing, this shift has been prevented from taking place. Tomorrow it may define the universal scene of humanity. This universal scene may very well be linked to Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure. For this to happen, a lot of history will likely have to be rewritten. One part of this history is the removal of Mary Baker Eddy's picture from the front pages of her textbook which has troubled many people, which isolates the work in the textbook from the person of its author and everything else that the author stands for, including her structures of divine Science, defined as immortality and Love.

The removal of her picture is said to have occurred almost coincident with her death. It appears to be associated with a different kind of shift, a shift into the opposite direction that became coincident with the shift into hell for society that followed her death. It is also being reported that in one of her last statements, just days before her death, she is to have said: I was mentally murdered. 

This death song needs to be reversed, by putting her back into the picture which provides the link to her pedagogical structure, at least in our own perception. Death is a mortal mind concept of mental malpractice. It does not reflect in any form, degree, or by association with any historical event, the reality of man's being. The founding of the newly created Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity may well prove to be a first giant step in the direction of the universal realization of this truth, even though that giant step has barely begun to unfold.

We don't know what the circumstances were that caused her to have her picture to be removed, and her statement to be formulated that she was mentally murdered. Indeed, we may never know those circumstances, just as we may never know the exact circumstances behind the modern Reichstag Fire on September 11, 2001. We do know, however, that we cannot allow these moments of tragedy to stand as way marks for humanity's slide into hell. Whatever happened is water down the creek. We need elevate ourselves out of the reactive mode, where we fight the battles on the platform on which the problems are created, und step upwards and carry the 'ball' on the higher ground of universal principles unfolding in divine Science, the very Science in which mankind's omnipotence is anchored in as we reflect the omnipotence of God.

Therefore, no matter what songs of treachery the grape wine sings, be they songs for nuclear war or economic catastrophes, or both; even regardless of all prior events in history when similar songs became carried out without fail; we have the resources at hand as a society of human beings, supported by divine Science, to rouse ourselves to say NO! Not this time! This time is our time! The time for thinkers has come! A shift in history HAS been made!