The Science of Healing

Two thousand years ago the great healer of mankind, Christ Jesus, defined himself, and thereby every human being, as the the "Son of God" and also simultaneously as the "son of man," putting on record the coincidence of the human and the divine, or the divine unfolding itself in reflection.  Christ Jesus became the Exemplar of this coincidence. He exemplified the living Truth, healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, restoring sight, causing the lame to walk, raising the dead, turning water into wine. And he taught others to 'heal' in the same context. He uplifted the image of humanity to the living reflection of God. 

One of the Apostles declared that Christ Jesus gave mankind "power to become the sons of God," which is to say that he gave people the power and authority to recognize themselves as the Son of God and to heal thereby. At one point he sent out seventy people into the nearby villages and towns to heal to sick and proclaim the beginning of a new era for mankind. He 'gave' them Godlike power. 

Nothing had frightened the rulers of this time, including Roman Empire, more than what Christ Jesus stood for. They aimed to kill the man to stay his influence, and they did kill Jesus. But they could not kill the Christ. No empire, past or present, could do this or ever will. 

Christ Jesus' response to this attack was a promise. If you tare down this 'temple,' I will build it up again in three days . The promise was individually fulfilled in resurrection. But he also made another promise. The promise was that the healing revolution that he started would never end, because it rests on an eternal universal principle rather than his or anyone's personal privilege of power. His last communal act on earth was to "wash his disciples' feet," with the comment added that they should do so likewise for one another. Healing thus is defined as a cleansing process, a cleansing of small-minded thinking, erroneous thinking, perverted thinking. On the morning after his resurrection he said to his disciples whom he had inspired to become "fishers of men" to cast on "the right side." As soon as they did the results were plentiful.

Two thousand years later a woman lay dying in a small town in New England, USA. She realized on her deathbed that what had happened in those days in Galilee reflects the operation of a principle that is without beginning or end and is therefore ever-operative, and applicable at any time and in any circumstance. In the process of her realization of this profound truth she found herself suddenly well. She was restored in this single moment to a better state of health than she had experienced for almost her entire life before. She utilized the discovered principles that came to light, to heal others. In the early cases she was taking on illnesses that some physicians of her time had given up as hopeless, healing the patients often in an instant. She subsequently started to teach her discovered science of the divine Principle of scientific mental healing, whereby she enabled others to heal likewise. 

Would you be interested in seeing her class manual that she had utilized for this revolutionary teaching work? Well, her class manual has been published. It is universally available. She published it as the chapter, Recapitulation, of the textbook that she wrote to document her discovered science. And she did more than that. She also outlined a scientific structure for discovery that enables any student to 'open' her class manual and to lay it bare, so to speak. Then, after having done this, she went one step further and created an interface that links the daily Christian Science Bible Lessons to her class manual. The link is established via the textbook citations that relate to the foursquare structure chapter by chapter, to which the Bible lesson topics are also linked, topic by topic, by means of an interface established in her class manual. In this manner she takes one by the hand guides one on a daily basis to her class manual  as a link back from the Bible lessons.

However, she did not stop at this advanced stage that she created for spiritual learning. She also created a definition for the name ADAM. The definition is vast. It matches every element of her class manual, element by element, as a specific counterpoint that her class manual is designed to overturn in individual perception, together with the bible lesson topics that are linked to her class manual.

And even that seems to be just another part of a still larger picture. She related her class manual to the same structure that she also related her scientific presentation of the Lord's Prayer to, together with the book of verses and illustrations that she provided in her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas. By this method she provides a specific metaphor for each element of her class manual.

There is another profound thing that she did, that is directly related to this larger picture, to her pedagogical structure that all of the above are a part of. She didn't just create the textbook on Christian Science as an integral part of the foursquare structure, she also created a unique platform for Christian Science itself, "the Platform of Christian Science," which of course is also a part of the foursquare structure. And still she went further. She also created a definition that defines the specific elements of mortal thought (termed, mortal mind) that the Christian Science Platform counters and is designed to overturn. 

Nor did she stop at this point either. She created a second manual for healing that is also a part of her larger pedagogical structure. She called this second healing manual,  "The Manual of the Mother Church." At first glance the "Church Manual," as she also refers to it, comes to light as a manual of bylaws to govern the functioning of the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston Massachusetts. However, if one looks closer at the structure of this manual, it comes to light as also a manual for the structure of individual healing. 

Christ Jesus gave his staunchest disciple the name, Peter, a new name for him that signifies, ROCK, and of which he said, "on this rock I will build my church." In modern terms this Rock might be termed the sovereign unity of the Christ and divine Science. Mary Baker Eddy defined two aspects of that church, the Rock. She defined one aspect of it as "the structure of Truth and Love, whatever proceeds for divine Principle." And she defined the second aspect of it as a church that is an institution that affords proof of its utility. Both aspects of CHURCH as the ROCK relate to unique aspects of healing. The Church Manual covers both aspects. As a manual for the structure of Truth and Love, the Church Manual reflects the basic elements that are essential for the self-government of individuals for effective Christian Science healing. As a manual for a church institution it stands as a pioneering model for the government of society's numerous institutions. 

Since all of the above mentioned parts are an integral a part of a single structure, Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure that reflects the biblical city foursquare from Revelation 21, they all need to be seen as related to one another. For example, all the various constituent's of the foursquare structure are by this constituency also related to Mary Baker Eddy's class manual, and vice versa. This means that all the individual constituents need to be brought together into a comprehensive whole, item by item, by which far-ranging and profoundly significant patterns emerge. This is what this last chapter is all about.

Combining all structures and definitions

The fundamental description of the city foursquare that Mary Baker Eddy translated from the biblical metaphor into a scientific metaphor suggest a four by four matrix of sixteen elements. It should come to no one's surprise that Mary Baker Eddy defined in this manner the sixteen elements of the foursquare structure in sixteen different ways, brining together for them sixteen constituents. Allow me to list them here.

In a global sense the foursquare elements can be seen as horizontally aligned into four rows of elements that represent four levels of perceptions. Each of these four levels has been defined in three different ways. Mart Baker Eddy provided:

(1.) Four "cardinal points" or main points, defined as the Word, Christ, Christianity, and Christian Science.

(2.) Four mental domains.  Mary Baker Eddy translates these domains in terms  "immortal Mind" reflecting the divine domain, and in terms of three levels of "mortal mind." She defines the three levels as reflecting the "spiritual" domain that she termed reality, the "moral" domain that she termed transitional, and the "physical" domain that she termed, depravity. (see S&H p. 115-116)

(3.) She also defined four aspects of GOOD, defined in the Glossary as: "omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, omniaction." 

All of these 'constituents' define the foursquare 'city' horizontally. 

The 'city' can also be defined vertically as a structure of four columns of elements that are related to four different flows of upwards development. Mary Baker Eddy provided for each of the four columns three different types of orientation. She provided:

(4.) Four orientations towards the sun, defined as "northward" (dawn), "eastward" (sunrise), "southward" (the heat of the day), and "westward" (the sunset) "the Golden Shore of Love, and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony".

(5.) She also provided four spiritual orientations, towards the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science.

(6.) And she provided four aspects of GOD, defined as: "incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite." (from Recapitulation)

The above six reference-constituents define the city globally in terms of horizontal rows, and vertically in terms of upwards flowing development streams. 

Mary Baker Eddy has also provided other definitions related to the four rows (defined as heaven and day.... to night and hell), as well as vertical definition related to the columns (defined as rivers: the River Pison.... to Euphrates), but these definitions are subsequence as they are actually a part of the Glossary structure and its inner definition. The Glossary structure is one of the many constituent structures that Mary Baker Eddy has provided to relate to the individual sixteen elements of the foursquare 'city'.

The remaining constituent structures are provided in two different forms, or types of form. Some are developmental in their form. They begin with the simplest element and develop towards the most complex one at their highest point. Other constituent structures are of a platform type, which means they begin at the highest point and sequence downwards to what lies underneath.

The constituent structures that are developmental in nature are evidently related to the 'city' in a developmental fashion. The correlation therefore begins at the lowest element in the first column and sequences upwards, column by column, until it ends at the highest element in the last column. Mary Baker Eddy provided four of these developmental structures as constituents for the foursquare 'city.' They are the following:

(7.) The 16 textbook chapters

(8.) The 16 verses and illustrations in Christ and Christmas (Mary Baker Eddy's book of metaphors).

(9.) The 16 stanzas of the Lord's Prayer and its spiritual correlative by Mary Baker Eddy (S&H p. 16-17). 

(10.) The 16 segments of the Church Manual

Three other constituent structures are presented in a platform type arrangement that unfold in a horizontal progression. They begin with the highest element at the highest level and then sequence backwards, row by row, in a downwards progression. The three platform structures are:

(11.) The 32-element Platform of Christian Science

(12.) Mary Baker Eddy's 24-element class manual, presented as the chapter "Recapitulation" in the textbook.

(13.) And the 26-element structure of the bible lesson topics, which is linked to Recapitulation.

In conjunction with these three platform structures, two erroneous structures are also presented by Mary Baker Eddy. These are the 'mortal mind' creations that are denied or countered by the platform statements. They are:

(14.) The 16-element definition of "mortal mind" (from the Glossary) that is countered by the Platform of Christian Science.

(15.) And the definition of the term "ADAM" which is countered collectively by the Bible lesson topics, and Mary Baker Eddy's class manual (the chapter "Recapitulation"), and the Platform of Christian Science.

It should be noted that only half of the 32-element "Platform of Christian Science" is required the counter the 16-element structure of "mortal mind." The other half of the statements of the "Platform of Christian Science" stand in support of 16-element structure of the segments of the  Church Manual.

 In addition to the horizontal and vertical structures, Mary Baker Eddy presented one more structure that is related to the foursquare 'city'. This 16th structure is the Glossary structure. It is both horizontally and vertically interrelated across the foursquare city, internally by its own 144-element structure. 

I have provided a summary in the appendix of the 16 constituent structures for each element of the 'city' foursquare that comes to light thereby as a vast pedagogical structure, the greatest structure for healing ever created, created and outlined by Mary Baker Eddy. Since the resulting summary is so extensive that eight pages are required to list the various parts, I have grouped the elements together in such a fashion that four elements can be described on a double page. With this in mind, I have divided the summary into three groups. The first group lists all the element combined vertically into four columns (one column per double page - appendix v1...v4 - available in the book). The second group lists all the elements combined horizontally into rows (one row per double page - appendix h1...h4 - available in the book). The two distinct groupings of the same elements have been provided to enable one to explore the combines elements in their vertical and horizontal interrelationships. The third group (appendix S - available in the book) provides an overview example of the vast Glossary structure that has its own vertical alignment (the rivers Pison... to Euphrates) built into its structure, as well as its own horizontal alignment (in terms of heaven and day.... to hell and night).

I have also added in the Appendix, behind the summaries of the three groups, the entire text of the Glossary, the translation of "immortal Mind" and "mortal mind," the Platform of Christian Science, and Mary Baker Eddy's class manual that she presented in the textbook as chapter 14: Recapitulation. Prefixed in front of this appendix is also a detailed presentation of Mary Baker Eddy's illustrated poem Christ and Christmas shown in its relationship with the 16 elements of the 'city' foursquare. Furthermore, a companion appendix to this book, two additional books are provided by this author. One of the companion books "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in Divine Science" presents the Christian Science textbook by Mary Baker Eddy in a special edition that has the marginal headings brought forward in front of the corresponding paragraphs in order to highlight their dimension for an in-depth scientific study. The second companion book that has been created bears the title, "Bible Lessons in Divine Science, 1898." The book presents a complete set of the first historic bible lessons in full text with all references added, utilizing the complete set of 26 topics that are a part of the 'city'-foursquare structure.

Combined in this comprehensive appendix are world's greatest structures for the development of scientific mental healing that have so far been devised by the greatest pioneer in the sphere of spiritual and scientific development in the entire history of mankind.

Why do we need such a vast pedagogical structure?

The answer may be that mankind is facing an equally vast array of problems, especially in the modern world, that all require healing and not just for cosmetic reasons, but also for existential reasons. Allow me to illustrate how vast the dimension  is of the problems that we face today.

Many years ago I learned a poem  in school days of a dialog of "the four winds" discussing among them where they should meet next for their 'joyous' dance. They decided at length to meet at the center span of a great bridge across a canyon, and to meet there at the midnight hour just as the last train is crossing. Oh, what a wild dance it will be, say say to each other, a whirl-dance filled with fire and shrieking voices and sounds of breaking steel. And so, as it was decided it was done. The four winds were coming together for their fantastic dance from all four directions at once with the expected resulting chaos.

 The poet evidently was thinking of a bridge that was sturdy enough to withstand the strongest storm under the worst condition, but not four of those storms coming together at once. Unfortunately that is the kind of situation that we find ourselves in globally, today, in which our civilization is threatened. The four winds are eerily real.

One of the four winds that is threatening civilization today is the already onrushing global financial and economic collapse. Many great and shiny bubbles of 'hot air' that are celebrated for their 'beauty' are stretched to the breaking point. They are ready to pop just  like soap bubbles always pops and disintegrates into a spray of fine mist that blows away with the wind, which no one can put back together again. For decades imperial forces have created the greatest bubbles of financial insanity that have become evermore thinly stretched while the physical economy of the world had been increasingly torn apart in the frenzy to feed the financial bubbles.

Another one of the four winds is today's growing threat of nuclear war. We had 65,000 nukes deployed globally in the mid-1980s of which only 20,000 remain deployed with probably an equal pile kept in reserve. However, the deterrent that kept them at bay is wearing thin. The nukes are on the table, ready to be used. In the mid-1980s we said to ourselves that nobody would be as crazy as to actually throw them around. We trusted our existence to the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction. Now we have numerous people in power who qualify for the description to be "as crazy" as that. Our mutual destruction is thereby assured unless the storm can be prevented.

The third onrushing wind is fascism. Almost the whole world fought World War II to defeat fascism. But this war was never really won, was it? Fascism remained standing and in power, and was gaining in power. World War II has never really been won in a true sense. The war had become a contest between two killing machines. Nothing positive was achieved for mankind. The contest simply ended when one killing machine had exhausted the resources for the other. However, the fascism that the war was about, that stood behind the killing machines, was never defeated. Even before the guns fell silent the imperial disease of fascism had spread into the Americas. It later infested the USA. It swept across Europe into Russia, into Asia, even China. Over the years the imperial fascism grew into a monster of terror, torture, inhumanity, genocide, financed covertly from high places and also from many hidden places deep within empires that are determined to sow division and destruction in the world to protect their precarious foundation for their existence. The USA appears to be presently set up to be destroyed in this context and by its own hands acting from within. The imperial goal is for the USA to vanish from the map of the future as a sovereign nation state, just as the renaissance ideal of the sovereign nation state is set up to be eradicated globally.

The fourth onrushing wind, ironically, is not global warming, but the return of the Ice Age. For nearly two million years the earth has been in a massive deep-freeze environment called the Pleistocene Epoch that is periodically interrupted with interglacial warm climates of short duration, such as we are in today, which is ending. The end of the present interglacial warm climate also foreshadows the end for agriculture since it is largely keyed to the current warm climate. 

Mankind has existed for over two million years on this planet, but in spite of this long period of the development of the human species only 1-10 million people had inhabited our planet at the time when the last glaciation cycle ended slightly over 10,000 years ago. This minuscule population was all that mankind had been able sustain without agriculture. Now we have 6 billion people living on the earth, going on to 10 billion. The coming Ice age will most certainly wipe us all out unless we can create the technological infrastructures for indoor agriculture that could sustain us through the coming 100,000 years of Ice Age conditions. While the construction of such infrastructures is totally possible even on a global scale, we might be heading for disaster, because it will take a hundred years to build the infrastructures and one sees the slightest commitment towards it. Credible scientists suggest that we might have those hundred years left before the next transition to glaciation begins, but with the world fast asleep dreaming of global warming, who will rescue mankind from its self-isolation from reality. Many credible scientists suggest that the dogma of manmade global warming is a fraudulent imperial deception that is designed to prevent society from developing the kind of social and economic renaissance that is necessary for creating the enormously large infrastructures that would assure mankind's future existence, but would spell the end of all empires. Thus the dream of global warming is spread across the world to protect the existence of empires at the greatest imaginable cost in human lives.

Since we live presently isolated from our humanity and under the spell of the money of the empires, the returning 'wind' of the Ice Age might overwhelm us, especially when it is joined by the other three winds that are poised converge with it. An escape from this onrushing crisis is not likely possible unless we can reverse our increasing self- isolation from our humanity. This insane act of modern society to step away from its innate humanity keeps the four winds free to blow as they will, or more precisely as the imperial masters desire who master the  winds that threaten our civilization and our existence.

The individual issues that are involved in the aspects that drive the four winds, are far too complex to be dealt with in a quick discussion, especially since the issues are deeply overlaid with layers upon layers of lies. Also the four winds that are threatening our civilization as never before have been a long way in coming. Empires and the wars and inhumanity that they spawn, have been a part of the human scene for at least 4000 years, and even then the empires and their gushing gore were despised by society to the point of them being labeled, the "Whore of Babylon." For 4000 years society has fought against that whore with few successes. Already as far back as 3700 years ago the famous reformer Hammurabi had struggled to put a few curbs on the excesses of the whore and its barbarism. But nobody has ever really won that fight against the whore and secured a victory for mankind. 

A little movement towards a turnaround was seen during the Greek Classical period, around the time of Homer, Solon, and the Pythagorean Society, and so on, but this dawning movement was quickly crushed again by the sophistry of Pericles and the seventy years of destruction of the Peloponnesian War. Plato and Socrates worked afterwards to restore the nearly lost culture and to extend it further. While their effort created a bright era that became the precursor for the Christian era, no real victory was ever won by either development. Instead a new darkness soon descended towards an endless seeming night that became the Dark Ages, spearheaded by the Roman Empire and a whole string of other whorehouses that followed in its wake.

The long period of the unfolding Dark Ages was first interrupted by the development of Islam and its culmination into the Islamic Renaissance near the end of the first millennium. Another interruption occurred in the 14th Century in Europe by the development of the Golden Renaissance, and then again by the second European Renaissance of the 17th Century that was centered on the Peace of Westphalia that sparked a spritual light in which the USA was founded. Apart from these isolated bright periods that were all too rare, mankind had been on a loosing streak. We are presently entrenched in that loosing streak as never before. In the onrushing tragedies that are now converging on us the few victories that mankind has achieved over the ages in its brief periods of renaissance stand out as important sparks that inspire hope for us that we may yet win our victory over the whore and its wars, a victory that has evaded humanity's grasp for 4000 years. Those bright historic sparks that should inspire us today, are all sparks that have a common universal principle that is evidently still valid today. But what is a universal principle?

The discovery of universal principles has been slow in coming. For example, a long period of scientific development lies between the casual recognition that all objects fall to the ground and the discovery of the Principle of Universal Gravitation. No, it wasn't Newton who discovered the Principle of Universal Gravitation, though he was hit on the head by a falling apple. The Principle of Universal Gravitation was discovered by Johannes Kepler long before Newton was even born. The principles that Kepler discovered enabled us to land on the moon in 1969, and to get there with such an accuracy in planning that we could touch down on the lunar surface confidently with only 30 seconds worth of fuel left in the landing vehicle. That's the kind of freedom in achievement that results from the power of discovered universal principles.

The discovery of the underlying principles of civilization that combine every bright period in history, has a similarly long unfolding and came to light with an equally profound promise. The brightest of these discoveries of principles came to light in connection with the Treaty of Westphalia that ended the Thirty Years War in 1648. This profound treaty was built the recognition of a principle that might be called the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. This principle created not only a period of peace. It also created the foundation for modern civilization. The Westphalia principle became reflected in the founding principle of the U.S.A., laid down in its constitution in the form of the Principle of the General Welfare. In this manner, if one looks at all the bright periods of renaissance in a wide overview fashion ,an underlying principle comes to light that is nothing less than the Principle of Universal Love.

"Oops," you might say, "that's impossible! Universal love is regarded as treason in the social world, especially in the realm of marriages."

Indeed, the challenge that the Principle of Universal Love puts on the table is wide and enormous, but if one looks deeper there exists a natural foundation for it that reflects the simple fact that we are all human beings together, universally, with a common humanity and a common universal Soul, so to speak. The more one peels away the extraneous layers, the little things that are all artificial in nature and isolate us from one-another, the more the universality of our divine humanity is coming to light. The scientific process of discovery along this line naturally involves great challenges, especially social challenges, but it also promises breakthroughs in the protection and advance of individuals and civilization that are evidently totally impossible on any other platform.

The great depth of the challenge of the Principle of in Universal Love came to light for me when I began to explore the dimension of the Principle of Universal Love in a novel in order to see how it might unfold in the social sphere, especially at the grassroots level, including in the sexual domain. It is a fact of history that every period of renaissance has ended at some point when its underlying achievements were crushed. Afterwards things became worse. The evident reason for the failure is that the profound principles that these periods of renaissance were built on hadn't been accepted deeply enough. They hadn't been deemed relevant at the grassroots level of society's social and even sexual relationships. With this background in mind the resulting exploration in my novels of the Principle of Universal Love turned out to be surprisingly wide and profound, so much so that the discovery project that had started as a single novel became a series of twelve novels that I gave the overall title, The Lodging for the Rose. 

The idea for this literary effort came to me in the mid-1980s when the Cold War doomsday clock stood at but minutes to midnight. The unfolding project was intended to present a daring discovery of the Principle of Universal Love in the form of a 'dance' of ideas, principles, and discoveries. The 'dance' might have been inspired in part by a similar kind of 'dance' in the visual arts where the focus was placed on rolling back the isolation of woman in society that has been built up over many centuries. Obviously, this rolling back of a built up isolation in society applies also to the isolation of society itself from its humanity. And of course, all of that relates to healing.

The wider sphere of healing

Mary Baker Eddy evidently understood that Christian Science healing is not limited to the physical healing of sickness in a few personal individual cases, but includes the healing of the whole of man and the entirety of society and mankind. As the last act in her long sequence of achievements Mary Baker Eddy founded the Christian Science Monitor that she designed to "bless all mankind and injure none." Why do we need such a wider focus? Why can't we simply focus on healing disease in a few individual cases as a spiritual alternative to medical healing? The answer is that the primary focus in Christian Science healing isn't actually on elevating disease and the suffering that the disease is causing, but is to get us to live the truth of man's oneness with God in which disease has no place. That's quite a shift in focus, isn't it? If this is the real focus in Christian Science, of which the healing of disease is but a reflection, then the focus must be wide enough to cover the entire range of living the truth, because God is Truth, and there is none other. Love, for example, is an element of that truth. If for example, the element of divine Truth is ignored in our self-perception, and is not reflected in individual living, the entire healing process then becomes blocked. And that is what we see happening. Christian Science healing has virtually disappeared from the landscape. It is evidently not effective anymore, or else there would be a flood of healing. However, should one be surprised that Christian Science healing has largely disappeared?

Let me illustrate this point with a brief example.  For a very long period malaria has been a major disease throughout the world, especially in the tropical countries. The disease kills people in a most agonizing manner as the malaria parasite gradually eats away a person's liver until the affected person dies. Then there was a time when the genius of Mind reflected in man devised a chemical compound (DDT) that enabled society to eradicate the carrier mosquito which transmits the parasite. Preventative programs utilizing DDT straying near human population centers were carried out with great success. By this method the disease of malaria was nearly eradicated on our planet. It is estimated that over 500 million people have been saved from an agonizing death by mankind's divine genius that had produced the DDT pesticide. 

This success story ended in 1972. In 1972 the DDT pesticide was banned under a political project that was built on many lies. As one hones opponent had put it, the DDT was banned because it enables "too many people to live." A few years after the DDT ban was enforced the ancient scourge of malaria was revived.  Within a few years over 300 million people were infected once again by the malaria parasite,  of which between two and eight million die each single year completely unnecessarily. So, who is the murderer in this case? Is it the parasite, or is it society that enables the parasite to do its killing? 

The DDT parasite was officially banned because it supposedly effected birds and other wildlife. All of the charges that were brought forward have been disproved, even before the ban was rammed through. The U.S. official who imposed the ban stated publicly that DDT had posed no danger to humans, the environment, are to wildlife, and never would. Nevertheless he enacted the ban for political reasons, evidently under political pressure in the pursuit of political objectives. Since that day in 1972 when the ban was put in place over 200 million people have been sacrificed around the world for those political objectives. On this path society has become a murderer of a vast scale.

 At the present time, in Africa alone, a person dies of malaria every thirty seconds as required for the political objective, with most of the victims being children. And the murdering is all done wilfully. Society has become a murderer by intention on a enormous scale by the sheer absence of its love for one-another that should have prevented this murdering, and still would prevent it if the lost love would be rebuilt. However there is no movement recognizable on this front for a change in direction. Consequently the murdering continues. It continues a surely as if guns were raised and a child was killed every fifteen seconds. Sadly, their cries are never heard, but how can we stand with honest hearts before the altar of divine Truth and Love asking for healing with the very blood of our victims dripping from our hands, and with a stern resolve on our face while we are trampling the very notion of love into dust and denial? The answer is obvious, since the very foundation for Christian Science healing is divine Truth and Love.

Is it any wonder that Christian Science healing has rapidly declined in the shadow of this still escalating intentional killing of human beings? While Hitler's Nazi-holocaust was brutal, which too could have been prevented and wasn't, his holocaust was small in comparison with the American DDT holocaust that may some day be counted as the worst intentional holocaust in the entire history of mankind. Researchers suggest that the American DDT holocaust has killed close to 200 million people so far, and that it keeps on killing millions more every year, year after year without end while love remains but a small word without meaning. Love has been replaced with fascism, and healing has been overturned for increased suffering and death by policies for depopulation.

Sadly, society's DDT (ban) holocaust against mankind, which America has been drawn into for implementing the game for imperial objectives, is only one of many cases in which society's love for one-another is trampled into dust. The nuclear weapons confrontation is a similar case. It should have never come to that. How empty is our love when we maintain the physical capability to eradicate entire countries and continents with nuclear bombs, if not mankind entirely  in a single sweep of unimaginable horror? We have lived in this shadow for half a century already and staunchly maintained our commitment to live in the shadow of that suicidal horror. If fact we have increased the potential horror show another notch in recent decades with the introduction of the uranium bomb that keeps on killing people long after the war ends in which the bombs are used, unleashing a killing spree that goes on forever and is unstoppable. Instead of storing or recycling nuclear waste products, a cheaper alternative has been found and implemented, by putting them into bombs. The DU bomb (depleted uranium or dirty uranium bomb) injects radioactive dust into the environment in particles smaller than the wavelengths of light, which are so small that they are not only invisible, but become a part of the air people breathe while the particles themselves remain radioactive forever. 

According to a U.S. dossier 2.7 million of such bombs were stockpiled in Korea in the fall of 2003 (Published by Korea Times, Dec.23,2005). If this report holds true there may be 15 million such bombs stockpiled by now, worldwide, especially targeting the Middle East, for a potential 100-fold increase in the radioactive pollution that we already have arround the planet, which even now, as 'small' as it is, comparatively, has caused pandemics in diabetes around the world (230 million cases worldwide), and untold cancers. The current DU pollution of the planet may already be responsible for the 6-fold increase in U.S. lung cancer cases (published by CNN in March 2006). Can anyone image a 100-fold increase? No one might survive that. Where is the love for one another that protects human life? Where is the love that heals? Where is the love that would put a stop to this ever-escalating determination to kill?

My point is, if we have so little love for ourselves as human beings that we have put the infrastructures in place to eradicate the entire human species, how can we speak of reflecting divine Love and expect to find healing its arms while we deny the very essence of love and trample it into the ground? 

Every one of the four winds of the poem that we are prepared to see unfolding into a destructive orgy of unimaginable proportions reflects the same general loss of love. Mary Baker Eddy pioneered the concept that God is Love, universal divine Love, not a personal love, but universal love reflected in mankind as the very essence of our humanity. Evidently the God that she discovered is dead in human consciousness, it disappeared from view in the fog of small-minded concerns, or as she had put it, it "disappeared in the atheism of matter."

We see the same happening in the world-financial and economic arena, where one of the four destructive winds bow. We live in a world of such disdain for our common humanity that we force ever greater poverty onto mankind with an intensity that puts 30,000 people to death every single day from starvation and poverty related causes, about 10 million a year, and again most of them children. It is obvious that a large portion of those deaths could be prevented with a slight increase in love around the world, but we don't see it happening, do we? Instead we see huge movements going the other way. Instead of increasing the world food supply with technological infrastructures, we find the rulers of the world committed to policies of destroying the world food supply that is already inadequate, and we find society hailing their insanity. The murderous policy is called bio-fuels. The so-called rich nations of the world are 'proudly' committed to a policy of taking large chunks of the global food supply out of people's mouths and diverting it to the brewing of alcohol than is then to be used as motor fuel, called ethanol, to drive cars with. Nor does the outcome of this process of insanity provide an alternate energy resource. Instead, the production of the ethanol requires substantially more fossil-fuel-energy input than the ethanol gives back in return. The end-result is a negative energy gain, and a highly expensive one at that, but it is a perfect excuse for destroying the global food supply infrastructure, which is evidently the real goal. Who can we speak of love when we are committed to the killing of more and more people for increased profits for a few?

Unfortunately, this is an age-old question. Many centuries ago, the philosopher Hobbes declared that love should be kept out of the affairs of state and business. We are far advanced down this road. Business used to be a processes of supplying the human requirements in an efficient manner. Now it has come to signify little more than an efficient means for looting profits out of society with the increasing utilization of slave-labour type of production. The resulting counter-civilization process has become globalized for the building of empires while the ranks of the hungry and homeless and the unemployed are swelling to the point that the entire financial and economic system is disintegrating. Without love in the hearts of society for one-another there is little left to uphold civilization and prevent a new dark age. This describes the world of globalized imperial looting and increasing death for mankind.

Nothing more needs to be added to the above examples to illustrate how far society has moved away from the healing divine Principle and from divine Love. He also described 2000 years in advance why Christian Science is failing. He once cited the story of a man who came to the alter of God to offer gifts for atonement. The man was confronted by the priest and was instructed to go away and first be reconciled with his brother, and then to return to offer his gifts. 

Mary Baker Eddy once said that love for God and man is the true incentive for healing. It seems that society has lost this thread and has a long way to go to pick it up again. Mary Baker Eddy cautioned society that if its is unwilling to honour the divine law (the Principle of Universal Love) it should feel no security although God is good. Evidently this saying was not an empty saying. If the globalization of looting doesn't destroy society, or poverty does, or diseases, or nuclear war, then the return of the Ice Age likely will. 

Contrary to all the politically whipped up hype over manmade global warming, our planet is in the transition period towards the next glaciation cycle, the return of the Ice Age. Manmade warming is a myth. The return of the Ice Age is mankind's future. A near total loss of agriculture will likely occur, which happens to be the chief resource for our food supply. Without a protected and continuing food supply the end is near for much of mankind. Some researchers suggest that the transition to the next ice age cycle might only be 50-150 years away, which leaves us barely enough time to create the needed indoor agriculture, which of course can only be powered with advanced nuclear energy resources. Tragically, any meaningful development on this front is actively impeded by the imperial powers that like to throttle mankind's technological and economic development. That is evidently the reason behind the long line of imperial games to disrupt civilization in which the manmade global warming scare is but another step forward to hell. Hobbes would celebrate the remarkable achievements of the imperials in our age to literally outlaw not only the universal principle of Love, but Love itself, and with it the divinity of the human being. On this road to hell Love has been totally trashed in all essential regards in favour of evermore exotic killing machines that now have the potential to destroy the whole of mankind and possibly also the biosphere of our planet. We certainly need a healing of this antihuman imperial 'disease' that the whole world appears to have become infected with, the 'disease' of a love-devoid existence.

While the 'disease' of a love-devoid existence can most certainly be cured, the coming Ice Age cannot be avoided. We can only prepare ourselves for it and thus live through it quite comfortably. Climate changes are natural for our planet. Many huge changes have been happening since the Earth began. Some have been ice ages, one of which is deemed to have turned the earth into a snowball for 30 million years about 700 million years ago. Some lesser ones a few hundred million years ago to have caused the mass-extinction of nearly all life on our planet. While Ice Age conditions are rare in geologic history, they have been the norm for our planet for the last two million years. We call it the Pleistocene Epoch, a sequence of deep cooling cycles occurred that created ice sheets over 10,000 feet thick covering much of the northern hemisphere. We have learned that these ice age cycles are interspersed by cyclical warm periods where a reheating of the earth occurs that is intense that the thick ice sheets were melting in short order, turning the earth into an easily liveable world like the one we have at the present one that is now in its ending phase. We have also seen mini ice ages and mini optimum periods that gave us periods of global warming that far superseded the present warming in which the world recovers from the last Little Ice Age. All of these things happened without any significant human presence on the planet. No scientifically sound evidence exists that the most recent global warming, which measurements indicate has ended in 1997 and is now reversing, was manmade. The entire hoopla surrounding the doctrine of manmade global warming, has been exposed as but another engine for imperial domination and profiteering that large segments of society have prostituted themselves to for the sake of money, fame, power, and other incentives.

Nevertheless a vast body of 90,000 direct chemical measurements of atmospheric CO2 exists, of the so-called greenhouse gas, that disprove the manmade global warming doctrine. The historic measurements, for example, show that the CO2 content in the atmosphere was significantly higher in 1944 than it is today, but without any warming effect. Apart from this it is scientifically known that only 3% of the greenhouse effect comes from CO2 at the present time, versus 97% that comes from water vapour, which is affected by cloud formation, which in turn is effected by astrophysical causes that are influenced by solar cycles. All of that together is what really determines the earth's climate and the recurring ice ages. The outcome of these causes is on a huge scale with consequences that cannot be avoided by any means we currently possess. The bottom line is that the next Ice Age cycle will occur, whether we are ready for it or not. Every aspect of that is scientifically known, which means that nothing other than our response to this scientific knowledge determines our survival.  (for more details see the website:

Some evidence suggests the last Ice Age was much colder than had been previously believed. A drop in global average temperatures of nearly 20 degrees have been detected in glacial deposits from the previous Ice Age, instead of the 8 or 9 degrees as previously believed. Most of mankind simply won't survive in the kind of icehouse that results unless global indoor agriculture becomes an established reality before the Ice Age conditions commence. For this protection of mankind to be possible vast technological and economic infrastructures are required, which need yet to be built, that can support 10 billion people with food from indoor agriculture. 

The current commitment in society towards saving its own existence against the looming Ice Age cooling, is next to zero. The world feels safe, immersed in pools of lies dreaming of global warming, while it should be upgrading itself, its infrastructures, and its world, in order to meet the greatest challenge in human history, the coming Ice Age. The last Ice Age had rendered the world almost bare, with just a few million inhabitants being able to maintain themselves. Without a commitment to the Principle of Universal Love for one another as human beings with a precious divinity, the protection of mankind will likely not be accomplished. In this case the global population will likely collapse as it did during the last Ice Age, back to a few million people perhaps, provided that anyone survives at all the ensuing wars over the dwindling food that are bound to erupt in a loveless world.

Christian Science prayer is wasted if it takes us no higher than curing a few aches and broken bones, which it doesn't do anymore either in general experience, as it once did. The goal has to be on a higher level. It has to be a commitment to demonstrating the actual unity of God and man, both in love and in deed. Love has to be recognized as something grander than a personal quality. It has to be recognized as a divine quality that is native in all mankind. When this development begins we can can look forward to increased Christian Science healing and a life rich in peace and joy and power. But towards that we need all the best help we can get and the most wide-ranging development structures by the greatest spiritual pioneers. Mary Baker Eddy stands as a great leader in these fields. Her pedagogical structure for individual scientific and spiritual development is extensive, because her understanding of divine Science was extensive, as was her love. 

In the opening chapter of this book an example is conveyed of her profound love healing a partially paralysed woman during the space of her carriage passing by the woman standing on a street. Mary Baker Eddy reflected divine Love in this flow of healing, and the woman healed said that she had never seen such love in any other human face before. To emulate this kind of love, a love that heals instantly with divine Love, means that we need to emulate Mary Baker Eddy's understanding of the platform on which she stood, which is as big and wide and profound as her love had been. Towards such an achievement this research book has been written. The task began 20 years ago.

And now, here we stand. My task is complete. With what results from this effort stands the future of humanity. In the 44 years while Mary Baker Eddy's pioneering work was unfolding (1866-1910) the world was largely at peace. All hell broke loose afterwards, and the horrors haven't ended, but are getting worse.  If there is the slightest potential that the historic breakthrough to peace can be repeated in our time, then this potential will likely come from exploring Mary Baker Eddy's leading edge achievements, which are still largely unknown. This means that no effort must be spared no matter how hard and how long it might take to repeat the historic breakthrough to peace that had marked Mary Baker Eddy's epoch. 

The presentation in this book is an effort spanning more than twenty years from the mid-1980s on, culminating from tens of thousands of hours of work and considerable expenses. But what are the efforts in comparison with protecting mankind and uplifting civilization and putting the divinity of our humanity on the table towards that victory over the 4000-years history of war and imperial looting and murdering that has evaded us through all ages, which must be won? The fight four our humanity must end victorious, because the killing machines for war, and the looting games of the globalism of empires have both become too powerful for mankind's continued survival to be taken for granted.

Mary Baker Eddy gave us the tools to win this essential victory, the tools that she herself had evidently used since she created them and developed them. She had laboured for 44 years to create them for us, and to pass the on to us. Now it is our time to put the tools on the table and prove their worth. 

I would say that her years of effort must not turn out to have been for naught. Let us utilize what she gave to us so richly and so freely.  She has provided an extensive structure for scientific and spiritual development to enable us to get to the point where she had stood, from where she said in essence, "come and follow me, and go beyond my attainments." And she made it easy to do this.

She opened an infinite door, and then said at the height of her achievements that she still found herself "a willing disciple at the heavenly gate, waiting for the Mind of Christ." (S&H ix:16) Her challenge for this age is not met by anyone standing idly aside in a self-righteous detachment from the tragedy that is overcoming humanity in which increasingly more millions are perishing every year. We cannot love if we pursue a life detached from humanity, because love is an active quality and cannot be found in detachment. We would pursue a life detached from God in pursuing a life detached from the humanity in which experience our divinity .

It appears that of the most profound elements of Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure are the three synonyms for God that are glaringly absent from the Glossary of the textbook. Is she saying that these can only be defined by the process of active living. The three synonyms are Love, Truth, and Soul. These terms stand invisible at the center of her entire pedagogical structure. They are elements of God, and by reflections elements of our humanity, our divinity. They are too big to be in any way less than universal in nature.

 She appears to be saying that we can't find them and live them on the universal platform we cannot find them at all. We certainly cannot find them on the personal platform. In order that we will find them where they can be found she stands at our side as our forever teacher. She retained for herself in perpetuity the title of the President of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, the college that she had taught in, the college in which she had utilized her class manual that she later turned into a chapter of her textbook and made it an integral part of her pedagogical structure. She also retained for herself the title, Pastor Emeritus. While she ordained the Bible and the Christian Science textbook as the impersonal pastor of the Christian Science church, she retained the title Pastor Emeritus, a title that relates to actively caring. No pastor has ever provided a more extensive form of caring than she has provided with her pedagogical structure, a structure so vast as a gate to the infinite that its unfolding will be forever new and will never end.

To the degree to which we step up to the banquette that Mary Baker Eddy has provided for us, and we become individually successful in letting our love uplift the whole of mankind so that its light becomes a spreading fire, a new era will be dawning on this planet such as we may have never dreamed of before. That is the dimension of the feast that has already been prepared. Can we ask for more?

A personal view of the foursquare structure

Mary Baker Eddy defined four biblical rivers in her pedagogical structure, but she never referred to them as development streams, nor did she ever use the term pedagogical structure. Nevertheless, she did use a specific Bible text twice in 'succession' a rare occurrence. The text refers to something called "the key of David." -  "These things saith He that is holy, He that is true, He that hath the key of David, He that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it." - (Revelation.)  

Mary Baker Eddy used the above text to prefix the second part of her textbook on Christian Science, the part that she called "Key to the Scriptures." Then she the same text again to prefix the Glossary at the end of that book.

The beautiful thing about metaphors is that they are never dictatorial. They invite one to ponder the unseen, to look beyond the surface of things to the principles that are operating in the unseen, which we can only 'see' reflected in the end results, or in tragic results when the universal divine principles are ignored. In this sense I see the lower three rows divided horizontally along the 'moral' center, into an upper and lower half, a kind of confrontational structure in which the spiritual reality unfolding by the Christ that is a part of our humanity, countering mortal errors and whatever violates divine Principle. 

Thus, the process that pulls us out of hell, so to speak, is powered by the Christ, but its form is scientific. This is what Christian Science is, isn't it? It is the science that empowers us to activate the Christ in us as our divine resource on earth and in our self-made hell as the case may be. In this sense I see a kind of 'hieratical development' going on in the lower three elements of each column, which is channelled and spearheaded by the specific processes operating within the specific column.  The topmost element, however, is excluded from this hierarchical development.  It represents the divine One and All, the All-in-all God. I see everything existing laterally, all across the first row, and synonymously. Here, no aspect is of greater or of lesser significance or value. The various aspects are distinct only in respect to the specific contexts to which they pertain.

Of course the four columns in which the 'rivers' play a role, leading up to the divine, are all extensively defined by Mary Baker Eddy. They are defined in numerous metaphors and even more-numerous interrelationships that come to light to be explored in order to enhance our understanding of the spiritual reality in which we live. And so, as one ponders, the great puzzle always keeps coming back to the forefront: What does it all mean? Where do we go with it? 

With these questions in mind I have developed a brief overview (Appendix X) of what I have recognized for myself over the years, is unfolding before us in respect to the four columns of the foursquare structure. That is where I see myself going in utilizing the pedagogical structure. I don't think there is a need to elaborate on the details, except to note that I recognized a 'flow' that is not shown in Appendix X. This 'flow' is from the outer columns towards the center, with the center being divine Soul, Truth, and Love (the synonyms for God that are not included in the Glossary).

There is also something else that I like to add here, which I believe is central to healing. This is the language that Mary Baker Eddy has developed for the textbook. It has been suggested in recent years that the language of the textbook is archaic so that the book should be rewritten to bring it into line with modern perceptions. It has been suggested, for example, that the scientific statement of being, in the chapter, Recapitulation, is too radical. Indeed it is a radical statement, shown below:

"Question: What is the scientific statement of being?

"Answer: There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual."

In this statement Mary Baker Eddy literally denounces the reality of matter versus the allness of God. Some say this is radical and irrational, because after all, matter is something that's quite real. If we drop a rock onto our toes, it hurts. Some say that that the above statement should be rewritten to make it more credible in the age of physical science. 

I disagree. I see the above "scientific statement of being" as a pioneering statement with a great profundity that could not have been more clearly presented than it has been presented. It speaks the truth. Sure, the truth is challenging at times. What amazes me that Mary Baker Eddy was able to put the full face of the truth on the table that only now, a hundred years later is slowly coming to light, at the leading edge of quantum physics. There really exists no actual matter in the universe, as defined in the standard sense. Nuclear physics tells us that what we regard as matter is actually an atomic construct that is essentially empty space encapsulated by a sphere of swirling particles called electrons, with a few minuscule particles, called protons and neutrons, huddled at the center of the sphere. And that is what creates the illusion of matter. In real terms there is nothing there. The tiny center 'particles' are comparable to the tip of a pin in relationship to a hot air balloon representing the swirling path of the electrons. The electrons themselves carry one trillionth of the mass of a single neutron or positron of the atomic core. The whole construct is held together by a strong force according to a universal principle that creates the atom and thereby the universe. It is being said that if it were not for this force and its principle that create shapes to empty space the mass of our entire planet would fit into the space of a tennis ball.

But even this mass, those particles that swirl about in empty space and create the impression that there is something of substance there, are likewise constructs of energy instead of being tiny lumps of matter. Modern science has discovered that the swirling electrons actually behave like particles only for a part of their existence. They disappear and then reappear in a different place within their sphere. They vanish momentarily as if they exited the universe and then pop up again some place else. They continuously switch back and forth between being something tangible in one form and being an energy wave in another form.

All right, one might say, the electrons might a special case, but the neutrons and positrons are definitely specks of matter. Every nuclear power plant in the world is powered by the heat that is created by there fast flying neutrons when the atomic structure is cracked open in the fission process. This means that they are substantial, aren't they? Doesn't the power we harvest from their energy proof that matter is a reality? 

No it doesn't prove that. It only proves that a phenomenon exists. Advances in physical science have revealed that the phenomenon of a neutron, or positron, or electron, etc., is itself a construct of further underlying universal principles. Experiments conducted at the CERN Particle Physics Lab -- the world's largest facility for exploring high-energy physics -- have shown that the particles that make up an atom are themselves 'binary.' Artificially created particles could only be created in pairs of two -- one of which is a so-called 'matter' particle and the other an 'antimatter' particle -- which, when they are brought together dissolve into nothing leaving a gamma-ray burst in its wake that is essentially nothing more than a high energy electromagnetic pulse. The most modern perception is that none of the atomic particles are solid in themselves. They are now seen as a construct similar to a wave on a water surface. Throw a rock into a lake and a wave travels in all directions, but this wave as it travels moves no water from the impact point to she shore. It merely transmits the energy of the impact according to some universal physical principles, giving the wave a shape, a momentum, an amplitude, a wavelength, and so forth. That, in a very broad sense, is how the entire universe is now perceived. The perceived mass of the particles that are deemed to constitute the material universe is presently recognized as an acquired property produced by underlying principles, rather than having a native quality and existence or their own. In other words, the visible universe, as substantial as it seems, is nothing more than a highly intelligently arranged interaction of universal principles, without which the universe would be an empty void.

So, is Mary Baker Eddy right when she says that God is Principle? She said this a 100 years ago. Now the leading edge discoveries in physics are telling us the same. They are telling us that without Principle there would be no universe. Mary Baker Eddy calls the motivating factor "Spirit." Physical science calls the motivating factor energy. Is there really a difference between the two? Physical science is discovering more and more an extremely complex creation that is born essentially out of nothing, which is the universe that is itself continuously unfolding.

While today's vast physical knowledge remains still rather immature in the light of what remains still unknown, the resulting trend has increasingly justified Mary Baker Eddy's 'radical' statements of a hundred years ago. Mary Baker Eddy wrote back then:

"Spirit is the life, substance, and continuity of all things. We tread on forces. Withdraw them, and creation must collapse. Human knowledge calls them forces of matter; but divine Science declares that they belong wholly to divine Mind, are inherent in this Mind, and so restores them to their rightful home and classification." (S&H 124)

With this bold statement Mary Baker Eddy puts Mind in control of the universe, and by reflection she puts us in control of our own immediate universe. She adds to the above under the heading, "corporeal changes," saying.

"The elements and functions of the physical body and of the physical world will change as mortal mind changes its beliefs. What is now considered the best condition for organic and functional health in the human body may no longer be found indispensable to health. Moral conditions will be found always harmonious and health-giving. Neither organic inaction nor overaction is beyond God's control; and man will be found normal and natural to changed mortal thought, and therefore more harmonious in his manifestations than he was in the prior states which human belief created and sanctioned.

"As human thought changes from one stage to another of conscious pain and painlessness, sorrow and joy, - from fear to hope and from faith to understanding, - the visible manifestation will at last be man governed by Soul, not by material sense. Reflecting God's government, man is self-governed. When subordinate to the divine Spirit, man cannot be controlled by sin or death, thus proving our material theories about laws of health to be valueless." 

Modern health science, too, is slowly coming to agree with her, and so are many other forms of science.

In my estimation Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure, which she designed to advance society's scientific and spiritual development, is the most advanced developmental structure ever created, and when it is fully developed and utilized it will  in time be measured among the greatest of the leading edge scientific developments, if not as the greatest of them all in beneficial effects for mankind and its expanded freedoms. It will no doubt revolutionize health care. It will also provide healing in every one of the four categories represented by the four winds that threaten to converge in our time and destroy our civilization and much of mankind with it.

Healing the wind that threatens the global financial collapse

Three years after Mary Baker Eddy's death the greatest heist in the history of civilization was pulled off that the whole world still suffers from.

When the Founding Fathers of the USA wrote the Federal Constitution of the United States back in the 1700's, they specifically stated in Article 1 that  the institution of the Congress shall have the power to issue money (credit) and regulate the value thereof.  The Founding Fathers thereby placed the right to create and control the money of the nation into the hands of the Federal Congress, and not in the hands of private Bankers. By some deep reaching treachery this Constitutional provision was stuck down on the day before Christmas Eve in 1913, when the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. This illegal act under the Constitution, took away the right and the power of the American nation to create its own money and its financial credits and gave those rights to private bankers that organized for this heist the completely privately owned Federal Reserve Corporation.

So, what is the difference you may ask in respect to who creates the nation's money and controls the financial credits? The difference seems to be small on the surface, but in real terms it is huge. Under the private imperial system, as we have it today, debt-money is being created, instead of credit for building an economy.  If for example the Federal Government needs to finance certain infrastructure projects, it is no longer able to create the necessary money for the nation to carry out the task, or to issue credits to society do build the infrastructures against the future returns from an improved economy. In today's world the Federal Government has to go to the bankers and borrow the money it needs. The bankers then create the money with the stoke of a pen, then 'sell' it to the government in exchange for U.S. bonds that represent an agreement that the government will pay the bankers back the full amount borrowed, and with interest!  The private Federal Reserve that receives the bonds is now legally allowed to create up to 50 times the amount in additional credits, likewise created out of thin air with the stroke of a pen, which it is then able to lend out as loans that are once again paying the bankers a ransom in interest. In this case, if the governmental needed to borrow one billion, the banks are allowed to to create 50 billion, collect interest on it, and demand the borrowers to pay every penny back. Is it a kind of diabolical robbery, isn't it? It is a machine that creates billions for the bankers and debt for the nation. In 1910, when Mary Baker Eddy died the entire U.S. federal debt was a minuscule $1 billion. Seventy years later that debt had increased 1000-fold to $1 trillion, and in the last 25 years after that until 2005, the U.S. federal debt increased from $1 trillion to  $8 trillion.  The entire nation, the states, corporations, and consumers now owe the bankers upwards to $50 trillion. That's an infinite amount for an economy that is unable to maintain itself, much less pay back this gigantic debt. Which means in real terms that the entire system is bankrupt.

This system, of course, works exceedingly well for the bankers. It works so well for the bankers that it has been globalized in all essential aspects, by which the whole world is now being looted.  We have reached a point once again in history at which society has become a bunch of debt-slaves, enslaved to the bankers. We will soon be at the point that  the governments of the world will have sold all of the national assets for interest payments to the bankers (it's called privatization) while the people themselves will own nothing anymore either, and the bankers own everything. In this process the whole of society is becoming enslaved to the financial institutions of the nation to the point that the physical economy disintegrates.  Back in the 1700's, Thomas Jefferson had warned the American people about this trap of private central money control, which some say has become the most gigantic fraud in the history of mankind. It real terms it has become the most gigantic stranglehold. 

The Great Depression in the USA resulted from an artificial strangulation of the nation by the private bankers.  America hadn't lost its skilled workers, which might have caused industries to shut down, nor had it lost farmland for which people had to go hungry. America had lost none of its physical capability. It had an efficient transportation system, powerful industries, and highly capable farms. It was a rich nation in all the respects that mattered, but it didn't have an adequate supply of money to carry on its economic functions. The nation was strangled. The bankers pulled back currency,  refused loans to the population and demanded payment on existing loans. Thus, vast sums were taken out of circulation. The nation was starved. And worse than that, in the background of the artificial bankruptcy thrust upon the entire nation, and that is what the Great Depression was, the bankers exercised their 'right' to impose foreclosure by which they took possession of vast numbers of farms, homes, and businesses and other properties, from which they made a 'killing' in profits in due course. 

A healing of this banker's strangulation came with Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's new deal.  To end the Depression, the United States Government borrowed vast sums of money from the Bankers for infrastructure development, power development, water development, transportation development, development in farming.  The massive borrowing put a new supply of money into circulation. People were hired back to work, industries began to blossom, farmers sold their produce again, and the economy boomed.  Under FDR, who reigned in the power of the bankers to some degree, the USA had built the richest and most powerful economy on the planet, even while it supported millions of soldiers overseas in war and supplied half the world logistically. But all that ended when FDR died. At this point the USA was handed back to the bankers. The principle of the general welfare that is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution was scrapped at this point and the USA became a welfare organization for the bankers, a kind of corporate welfare state.

President Woodrow Wilson, in whose term the Federal  Reserve Act passed, recognized his own failure in that regard. He said, "A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world -- no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men." 

Woodrow Wilson had put it mildly. He had only a faint sense of the deception that had ensnared him, like the country as a whole. The bankers that owned him and his government have deep and hidden roots in the imperial world. Their roots go back to the early banking empire of the Lombard system that later became the Venetian system and then the British liberal system. This deeply corrupt and corrupting system still rules the world to the present day, primarily out of Britain. The U.S. Federal Reserve is merely a servant to them, one of its crown jewels. The rulers of this private monetarist system purposely corrupt the people of the nations in order to control them. That is what they had always done, thereby breaking down whatever is honourable in society, such as morals, family, love, religion and country. The financial empire also runs the drug trade, the 'slave trade,' and sex trade today, just as it ran alcohol during the prohibition, together with pornography, and other crime. Now they are about to stage the greatest crime of all times, the massive depopulation of the planet. The policy of intention is to murder  four to five billion people. In order to get this policy implemented they degrade the educational system, trash the truth with such unscientific madness as manmade global warming which is far more deadly than the DDT ban. They've gone the whole mile, created pandemic diseases, stirred up social and racial unrest, fomented religious clashes and 'clashes of civilizations,' and of course instigated evermore wars. Wars are good for the bankers and for the big corporations that run the business of war. And why shouldn't they instigate wars? They find it easy to do so. Most of the politicians in the world have prostituted themselves to become agents for the bankers. The bankers own the political parties, and by means of controlling the candidates they determine whom the population is allowed to vote for. Democracy has become a farce. They also control all of the news media, the 'elite' information centers,  the financial writers, everything that they need to prevent people from learning the truth.  That is how the private central banking empire, which the diabolical Federal Reserve system is a part of, protects itself and remains destructive to every nation's national interest. That is precisely what Alighieri Dante had warned about as far back as the 13th Century . That's what had caused the massive population collapse already in the 14th Century. This small beginning is staged to be repeated gigantically.  What we face today is a thousand times worse. It's cleverly set up. That's what has been running the world for the last century, actually less than that. The last century has been a century of war, with the wars getting bigger and more destructive. Every war in the last hundred years has been instigated by the private financial world empire, the imperial bankers and the fanciers. If this ravaging disease that is destroying society is not healed, then World War III will happen and will become a nuclear war as planned that only a few might survive. That is what's at stake. That's what needs to be healed.

The key for healing this insanity that is now in the final stages of destroying what is left of civilization, is to reverse course. It means repealing free trade, deregulation, privatization, globalization, and above all repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It means that the U.S. society demand that a free Congress and Senate be governing the nation, and that this Congress be allowed to create and control the money of the nation, issuing financial credits and debt-free money to the nation for its self-development. John F. Kennedy had begun to do this. He was promptly assassinated.  President Clinton merely hinted in this direction, for which he was drawn into a scandal that disabled his Presidency. Had either of them succeeded a  $60,000 loan for building a house would require only $60,000 in repayment with a small service fee added, instead of a quarter million in repayment that is presently demanded for such a loan, inflated by the interest costs. Of course, since the bankers are in control of the market and have inflated the housing prices artificially in order to profit from the larger mortgages, a $60,000 house by normal standards now sells for $600,000 with the final bill including interest adding up to $2.5 million for the same house. By this insanity a bubble has been created that is so large that it threatens all by itself to pull down the entire world financial system. And there are many other similar bubbles floating about, ready to pop, such as the stock- market bubble, the carry trade bubble, and the giant hedge-funds and derivatives bubble that has grown into a $300-500 trillion monster, and so forth. The whole system is about to pop, and threatens to bring on not just a new depression, but a New Dark Age.

This private monetary system has looted the world to the breaking point. It has thereby hopelessly bankrupted itself, globally. Its bankruptcy is one of its built in consequences. We are now at the point that this private world-monetary system is so far gone that it cannot be rescued by any means.   Only society can be rescued, and this rescue is only possible if every nation on this planet becomes committed to scrapping the privatized world financial system  with their government taking it over in a bankruptcy reorganization. In this manner society would take its life back. Then society wouldn't be strangled into physical collapse for the lack money, because then whatever money would be needed for society's continued existence and the common good would be made available. There would be a commitment established to keep people's wages and pensions paid, and to keep industries operating and food supplies flowing. Of course the usurious debts and obligations from financial gambling would simply be cancelled, since they are illegitimate and there exists no means to pay them. In this manner the populations around the world would be kept alive. Wouldn't that gallant sacrifice of the world's gambling debts be a small price to pay for saving the life of four to five billion people?

Unfortunately one sees virtually no commitment towards this necessary solution, even while the house is already falling down all around us. Nobody has a penny for peace, or truth, or love. The world financial structure are collapsing while society keeps clinging to its money, playing games. The financial and economic arena has its own four winds converging from all directions at once, which are presently poised to crash into each other. 

One wind represents the collapse of the physical economy. The collapse is caused by free-trade outsourcing to slave-labour countries, the resulting wrecking of industries and the raping of them by the takeover vultures, added to that the targeted under-investment of the economy with money flowing into pure financial speculation. When the collapse occurs this wind will have a wild dance indeed.

The second wind represents insanely overvalued financial aggregates that are fast becoming meaningless in comparison with the dwindling physical economy. The hyper-inflated financial aggregates have already become technically worthless since they represent a claim against a  collapsing economy that doesn't even produce enough wealth to maintain itself, much less pay out huge profits or settle speculative claims.

The third wind represents the money presses churning out money in huge volumes in order to keep the financial bubble alive that the Federal Reserve Corp. no longer dares to report its crime. We have already passed the point beyond which the flood of printed money supersedes the size of the financial bubble that it is intended to protect, whereby the entire value system becomes meaningless.

The fourth wind represents currency speculation. Since 1971 the world's national currencies have been turned into gambling chips for the financial commodity traders. In this arena huge profits are taken wile nothing is being produced. May a country has been blown to hell by this relentless, merciless, drawing of blood. And this too, is just a foretaste of what is in store when the real game unfolds and the national currencies are replaced altogether by a regional currency that no nation owns, but the private bankers, like the Euro in Europe that functions like an economic strangulation pact.

In today's world every one the four winds is gaining in momentum towards their collective dance in a final crash. Not only is the physical economy collapsing as we are heading towards this crash. The looting momentum is shutting down once healthy industries, the flagships of nations, wrecking productive employment, and causing untold suffering from financial strangulation and huge debt burdens. This chopping axe is now in full swing. But even as it falls that nations are now hit in addition with the global warming hoax and artificially high energy prices, and the planned destruction of agriculture by means of the the ethanol hoax that is making food increasingly unaffordable. 

Likewise the onrushing wind in the purely financial arena is gathering 'strength in insanity' and is threatening evermore to blow the world-financial house down.  One aspect of this amassing storm is the insane Yen Carry Trade in which Japan is forced to provide cheap money (at 1/4% interest) for the world's gambling arena. The whole game is paper thin and vast rifts are already appearing with Japan increasing the interest rate. In the USA the housing bubble is coming down as prices and mortgages become evermore unaffordable. Especially the sub-prime mortgage bubble (the high risk mortgage bubble) is blowing up with staggering losses now hitting the banks, pension funds, trust companies, and an ominous foreshadowing in the credit derivatives gabling casino that might take the whole hedge-fund industry down in a $350 trillion whirlwind of a bankruptcy collapse that threatens to blow away every depositor's penny in ever bank everywhere. 

The accumulated debt bubble is another potential detonator of the coming storm. The debt bubble has become comparable to a 50-ton flea on the back of a 5-pound dog, with obvious consequences. That is how civilization is poised to collapse. But if the parasite kill its host (society) won't the parasite die too. When this bubble blows, like a soap bubble disintegrates into a spray of fine mist that bows away with the wind, no craft known to man can gather the fragments and put the bubble back together again. The healing has to happen before civilization ends.

The wind that blows in the currency arena is likewise onrushing with unimaginable consequences. The U.S. dollar, for example, has already lost 30% of its value in the six years since the year 2000, amounting to an enormous loss, but which appears to be just the beginning. According to mounting evidence there are of late truly unimaginable imperial games afoot in an effort to break the U.S. dollar. 

And than there is the wind whipped up by war, which too is onrushing. The Iraq War, for example, is causing huge financial and economic losses for the nation, flowing to the war profiteers. But if Iran is attacked (according to plan) and Iran succeeds in shutting down the oil flow from the Middle East, the resulting sky-high energy prices will kill, without fail, whatever still remains of the world economy. 

P.S. A history lesson on the wars that had been planned (some of which might still be planned): It is reported that Gen. Wesley Clark told Amy Goodman of Democracy Now that he had gone to the Pentagon on about Sept. 21 (after 9-11) to meet Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, and met with a general on the Joint Chiefs who had once worked for him, who told him that "We've made the decision we're going to war with Iraq." Asked why, if there were new intelligence, the general said no, but the decision had been made. - Two weeks later, after the invasion of Afghanistan, Clark asked the same general if the Iraq war was still in the works. "It's worse than that," he answered, and showed him a memo from "upstairs," meaning Rumsfeld's office, describing how "we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off Iran." (source: Democracy Now, with Amy Goodman, Wesley Clark, 3/2/2007 - reported by the LaRouche organization)

When the four winds in the financial and economic arena start crashing into each other as they are presently poised to do in the absence of any commitment to diffuse the issue, we won't just face another depression on our hands, or a New Dark age, but the loss of civilization and the impending death by economic chaos of most people living today. We need some great and immediate healing in this arena, just to survive. It need to begin as a healing of indifference, apathy, immorality, and the massive criminality of society's own involvement.

That is the kind of healing that is required. The alternative, should we fail, is simply unthinkable. I am certain that the required healing can be accomplished if it is sought within the framework of the principles that Mary Baker Eddy has put onto the table with her pedagogical structure. Mankind is not designed to lay itself down to die. Also, the healing has to begin in the USA for the simple reason that the USA has the historic background and the necessary constitution to provide the necessary leadership. The USA is currently the only republic on the planet that is founded on a type of government that is not by its design subservient to the oligarchic monetarist system that still rules Europe in a deeply intrusive way. The USA was founded as a pioneer built on the most advanced universal principles. Mary Baker Eddy as a pioneer put the profound concepts of universal principles onto the table with her pedagogical structure.

Healing society of the wind of fascism

Fascism is a tool of empires, artificially created, quietly nurtured in cultural warfare, cleverly foisted on society with the big lie that opens the flood gates for its destruction. Of course the control of money and control of the physical resources that society needs always stands in the foreground when fascism rules. Controlling the world's oil is only a part of this grand game. Fascism becomes a part of persuading the players to play along as demanded. The first stage is corruption. It that fails threats are used, then assassination, and if those fail, war is unleashed. One of the outcome is that all the world's oil trade is exclusively carried out in dollars with huge profits flowing into the coffers of the imperial system, keeping the dollar artificially inflated. This vast corruption is also the reason why advanced energy systems, such as nuclear fission and nuclear fusion are discouraged by all possible means in favour of the promotion of windmills, solar cells, and as of late, biofuel power that requires more energy to produce than the fuel gives back.

We are now being coerced into believing that the world is running out of energy resources. The clever hoax is used to make society willing to pay ever higher prices, which translates into higher volumes of profit flowing into the imperial coffers. 

The physical reality is in the opposite. The world is not running out of energy.  Sure, if we continue the wasteful practice to power the world with oil-fired machines we will run out of oil in the foreseeable future. But why should we be committed to this kind of insanity, using oil energy? The oil-fired economy is as archaic today as the wood stove. We should have stepped away from burning oil. There exist enough energy resources to supply the world with nuclear fission power for 10,000 years, not just a hundred years as with oil. In addition to that nuclear fusion has been demonstrated to be possible. The technology might still require fifty years of development for full implementation that would give us literally infinite energy resources. Helium-3 fusion might advance the time table by a few decades. Estimates suggest that there is enough helium-3 on the moon to last us for 100,000 years, and maybe more on other planets. However, the theoretical energy horizon doesn't end here. It just begins to open up. The leading-edge discoveries in theoretical physics brought to the human perception a universe that is a bubbling caldron of energy extending through all space. It appears to determine the propagation speed of light, and as far as we know forms all the building blocks of matter, the galaxies, all life, and ourselves. We live in a universe that is not primarily a vast void of empty space as was once believed, called the vacuum of space, but which is instead a vast pool of energy responding to a vast complex of universal principles that give shape to the visible forms of the universe and its operational patterns. If this is so, is it not reasonable then to assume that this vast pool of energy can also be utilized for human purposes by the discovery of the as yet undiscovered principles that enable us to tap into this vast sea of energy? We would only need to convert a minute fraction to create and surpass the most amazing energy rich world ever imagined. It is being recognized at the leading edge of theoretical physics that the energy density of the universe is so great that a single cubic centimeter of this energy resource could supply the needs of mankind for millions of years.

We literally stand at the threshold of infinite energy resources. Some development work in this field has been going on since the late 1800s thanks to the pioneering accomplishments of Nikola Tesla, James Clerk Maxwell,  Oliver Heaviside, and many others. The ongoing work remains hidden and is kept minuscule for many reasons. It is interesting, however  to note that the pioneering discoveries on this front coincided in time with Mary Baker Eddy's pioneering discovery and her 44-year work on the scientific development of her discoveries. It also interesting to note that we have seen virtually no progress on either scene after Mary Baker Eddy's death, the time when the imperial period began with its complete takeover of the financial arena and control over society's self-development. In this sense fascism has closed the door to the future.

It is generally assumed that the greatest scourge of fascism is found in the murdering rampages by which fascism was put on the map, like the Jacobin terror, or Napoleon's wars, or Hitler's holocaust, or Stalin's genocides, or even the still ongoing holocaust in the Middle East. But this is few of fascism is deceptive. The greatest scourge of fascism is found in its relentless suppression of truth, scientific advances, and scientific development. The scourge is largely accomplished financially by means of the targeted starvation of real science combined with the lavish financing of irrationalism. We are now reaping the results of a half a century of this policy with an wave of obvious 'scientific' frauds gripping society, such as the manmade- global-warming fraud, the DDT ban, the biofuel fraud, and the fraudulent 9-11 cover-up as a terrorist event. But the greatest tragedy is that society hails these frauds even while they are destroying the very heart of civilization on which human existence depends, the heart of Truth, Love, and Soul. Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels would smile today if he could see our world that proudly proclaims (as he did) that the bigger the lie is that is called the truth, and the more often this lie is told as the truth, the more deeply is this lie believed by society to be the truth.

How effectively this hidden kind of fascism is ruling the world today is evident by the manmade-global-warming fraud. The fraud was initiated in the mid-1970s to pre-empt any scientific discussion and exploration of the necessary response to the coming Ice Age. The agenda was turned upside-down. Global warming was imposed to hide the truth. Over time, as the scientific fraud was escalated, according to published reports over 21,000 scientists from around the world have voiced their opposition to it and put their name on record in protest. This vast mass of scientific protests is cited to includes 70 Nobel Price laureates and over 110 actual climate specialists. Their voices, of course, were suppressed. The financiers control what research is conducted and what is termed the truth. Today, manmade global warming is deemed to be the greatest threat mankind is facing, a warming so its lied to be so severe that all the ice on the planet would melt and raise the oceans to such high levels that vast stretches of land would be flooded forever. Of course that warming is all blamed on manmade greenhouse gases, chiefly CO2 that is generated by burning fossil fuels. It is stated by the hoaxers that atmospheric CO2 has increased at alarming rates since the beginning of industrialization. Coupled with this lie is the call for global deindustrialization, meaning the destruction of the economic foundation without which the present population cannot sustain itself. Thus, the mass killing of society has become the official (though hidden) policy of intention.

The CO2 fight is a two-edged sword that is designed to yield vast profits for the imperials and genocide for society. It doesn't seem to matter anymore to those who play this game of fraud that CO2 amounts to only 3% of the greenhouse gases and that of this minuscule amount the manmade portion is only 3% again. Nor does it seem to matter to the liars that a vast body of 90,000 direct chemical measurements exist, of atmospheric CO2, that has been painstakingly collected over a 100-year period between 1857 and 1957. This vast body of rigorous on-site measurements completely contradicts the manmade global warming claims. The obvious disregard of the truth, by the hired or self-prostituted liars, has thereby reached such astonishing proportions that it is almost considered a thought crime today to contradict the manmade-global-warming theory, even while the world is actually getting rapidly colder as is evident in numerous different ways.

How can this hidden fascism be countered, that is far more deadly than the open kind of fascism? Take the fascist threats of nuclear war, for example, we can physically counter that threat threat in a week if we care to do so. The locations of the nuclear-weapons weapons are known. Should society decide to eliminate this threat against itself, the disabling and dismantling of all weapons in the world could be accomplished relatively quickly, possibly within days. But the antiscientific threat of fascism is not that easily countered, which presently prevents mankind from preparing itself for the 100,000-year deep freeze of the coming Ice Age. We have wasted decades already while the return of the Ice Age is drawing closer and nobody really knows how many decades we might still have left to build the infrastructures that we need to save our existence, which will take us decades to build.

The key for the healing of mankind of its anti-truth and anti-science madness, imperially infected, is evidently nothing other than society returning to scientific, cultural, and spiritual honesty. Once mankind begins to rediscover itself as basically human beings made in the image of God, reflecting divine Principle in its growing understanding of the universal principles that operate all around us,  then the path is clear for a recovery and the rebuilding of civilization. Mary Baker Eddy wrote 100 years ago, "Take away wealth, fame, and social organizations, which weigh not one jot in the balance of God, and we get clearer views of Principle. Break up cliques, level wealth with honesty, let worth be judged according to wisdom, and we get better views of humanity.... To ascertain our progress, we must learn where our affections are placed and whom we acknowledge and obey as God. If divine Love is becoming nearer, dearer, and more real to us, matter is then submitting to Spirit. The objects we pursue and the spirit we manifest reveal our standpoint, and show what we are winning."

The divine Principle, manifest in universal Love, Soul, and Truth, which evidently stands at the very center of Mary Baker Eddy's vast pedagogical structure that comes to light as a construct to support and advance the scientific and spiritual development of mankind, is by all accounts the key resource for mankind's survival on this planet, if not the only resource.

Right now the four winds are still approaching for the threatened convergence in our time. The time for action has come. Mary Baker Eddy wrote that future ages would declare what the pioneer has accomplished. That time has come. The future is now. The four winds -- the financial collapse, nuclear war, fascism, and the coming Ice Age -- are converging, but they can all be deprived of their sting. The winds can be deflated, whereby the potential death of mankind can be avoided. But the victory has to be won on the higher level than that small-minded level on which the problems are created. Any fighting that is pursued at that low level of the imperial sewer is lost at the outset. But there is no need for that. Why should mankind lower itself into the imperial sewer to fight its battle for freedom there, in the environment of artificial insanity where the imperials own the game? The fight has be taken up at the high level of divine Science, the science of our divine humanity reflecting infinite Mind and all the qualities we attribute to God. At this level, where we can see in any human face the reflected face of God, we can win. In fact, on that level we cannot loose. At this level the biblical promise is being fulfilled that fortells a blessing so great that there shall not be room enough to receive it. (Malachi 3:10) The healing of disease with an advanced scientific understanding of the divine Principle of scientific mental healing gives us a grand starting point in this fight for mankind's ultimate freedom.  Can we ask for more than that? By what excuse should we aim for less?

The convergence of the four winds as it has it has been arranged for the preservation of empires will fail. It will fail, because it has one universal goal: the destruction of civilization and the destruction of mankind with it. Mankind is too intelligent and too great a power for good for this war against it to succeed, by a clan that has ultimately has no power and never produced one iota of good. 

There are many aspects involved in the imperial war against mankind, but one stands out. It comes to the forefront with many faces, and nowhere is that chosen central goal more clearly defined than in the policy hype that began in late 1960s to trash the image of man. The imperial circles of the world strung banner headlines across the world, proclaiming that the "earth has cancer, and that cancer is man." This hype started a policy fight from high levels to force society to accept "depopulation." Of course the wording is a deception too. The 'soft' wording hides the imperial policy of intention to commit mass murder by all possible means. This policy of intention to commit mass murder has always been the imperial policy whenever an empire or an imperial class sees its power challenged. Whenever this happens scientific progress is trashed, industrialization is trashed, culture is trashed, with the aim to turn society into a docile mass of slaves that is nicely mired in poverty to the point that it accepts its universal serfdom. The goal has been spelled out clearly. It today's world the imperial objective is to reduce the world population, by their own saying, to below the one-billion mark by utilizing 'acceptable' means of mass murder.

Every major modern policy has so far been focused on this goal to commit mass murder on a scale beyond genocide. The DDT ban was an early project along this line, and a highly successful one. It performs the mass murdering so silently that nobody even protests, while the project has killed 200 million people already. The manmade-global-warming hoax has been implemented a few years later for the same purpose, in this case to spearhead the deindustrialization of the world as an even more-effective platform for committing mass murder. The latest champions of the manmade-global-warming hoax, like for example the former U.S. Vice President, have put their finger on world population growth as a reason for global warming, suggesting a need for a far reaching correction by policies that involve the silent mass murdering of mankind under policies of deindustrialization, shutting down civilization with poverty and impotence. 

Likewise, the intentional destruction of the world financial system results from a concert of policies that evidently follow the same course. The methods may very widely, but they all serve the same ultimate policy.

The biofuel hoax, for example, the production of ethanol and bio-diesel that converts food products into motor fuel, reflects precisely the imperial policy of intention to commit mass murder on a scale greater than genocide. Since the production of the biofuel requires a greater energy input than the fuel gives back, the entire project makes no sense. The evident goal of the biofuel policy is to wreck the world food supply as a means for killing vast numbers of human beings by starvation. This is what the biofuel policy is designed to accomplish more efficiently than any other method yet devised. The biofuel isn't an alternate energy resource. It is no resource at all. It is an energy drain that actually increase the fossil fuel energy use. The production of biofuel only makes sense when the objective is to commit mass murder on a scale greater than genocide. The large-scale production of biofuel diverts vast amounts of agricultural resources products away from human consumption into the distillation of motor fuels. The resulting starvation, and death by starvation, makes every element of the biofuel project a crime against humanity, including the lobbying for it, as well as the production and the consumption of it. The destruction of the world's food-supply system in an already hungry world is a crime of a far greater in magnitude than Adolf Hitler's holocaust had been. 

The same policy of intention is standing behind the imperial commitment to using the dirty uranium bomb as the 4th generation atomic weapon. Millions of such bombs have already been stockpiled. The DU-weapons policy involves packing nuclear waste products into bombs instead of storing them or recycling them into beneficial fuel for nuclear power plants. The DU bombs, when used, generate a vast mass of radioactive pollution that becomes a part of the air that people breathe, the very air that encircles the world. Since the bulk of this pollution consists of minuscule particles of uranium that  remain radioactive forever, the DU bomb keeps on killing forever. The pollution particles are simply too small to be removed from the environment. They remain there and carry out the intended mass murder of human beings for all times to come, irreversibly, by means of radiation induced birth defects, cancers of all sorts, diabetes, and a host of other diseases caused by the relentless genetic destruction of the human biology.

The long-standing imperial policy of intention to cause  permanent genocide

Before we can focus on healing the insanity in society that causes society to accept policies for permanent genocide, it might be worthwhile explore briefly the history that stands behind the trashing of the divine face of mankind for imperial objectives.

It has been recognized in imperial circles since the beginning of the Golden Renaissance that the greatest threat to any empire is the progressive renaissance development of society. This fact became glaringly obvious when the Venetian Empire, the slave trader and looter of the Dark-Age world was threatened with extinction by the Renaissance powers of Europe. The League of Cambrai (1508) was created for this purpose, but before it succeeded, the Pope had intervened (probably with a significant 'incentive' from Venice) and the Venetian Empire was saved. In retaliation the Venetian Empire destroyed the Renaissance by festering a religious war that lasted for over 100 years in which nearly half the population of Europe perished. The end-phase of this destructive rampage, the Thirty Years War, was said to have been the worst military escapade of all times prior to the 20th Century.

That process of unleashing genocide to protect empires would be repeated many times thereafter. The repeat of the process was more concealed at first. It began with the doctrine that the Earth is too full, for which it was said that the human population needs to be culled like cattle. This first depopulation 'outcry' was authored in Venice by the Venetian 'monk' Giammaria Ortes (1713-1790). 

It is suggested by scholars that Ortes' work was later plagiarized by the British imperial servant, parson Thomas Malthus (1766-1834). Malthus took Ortes' invented insanity and put his name to it and preached that the general population of society (meaning the poor) should be forced to live under such unsanitary and deplorable conditions that most people would die off at an early age. Malthus was hailed for his 'wisdom' and still is. Later, Charles Darwin (1809-1882) took the project over for the empire and extended it.  He said himself that he was inspired by Malthus. In return he provided the 'scientific' foundation for the Poor Laws, for killing the poor (those unfit to survive) by working them to death. Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton (1822-1911), in lock-step took the Ortes-rooted Malthusian ideology and partially merged merged it with social Darwinism and turned it into something still worse.  The outcome was the infamous Eugenics theory that opened the floodgates to the sterilization of targeted people, a soft kind of racial genocide. Adolf Hitler must have loved Francis Galton.

In a similar fashion did covert agents of the British Empire destroy the emerging renaissance spirit in Europe by staging the French Revolution with the Jacobin terror operation raging in the background. The goal was simple. The renaissance intellectual elite in France was to be systematically eradicated. And so it was done. Terror was used to destroy the return of the renaissance spirit. Napoleon in turn spread the terror process across much of Western Europe, eliminating the scientific elite. From this background the modern imperial fascism emerged that became the driving force behind all subsequent genocidal wars in modern history, especially World War II.

Genocide was also practiced in distant imperial India. It started with enabling the imperial control over India by a small minority of Arian invaders. In this case religion was used as a tool for genocide, merged with mythology by the ruling invaders (the Brahmin), and unleashed to 'force' the large scale eradication of girls and women in a wide-ranging female genocide that ravished India for 2,500 years, and to some degree still does.  (See the book "GENOCIDE OF WOMEN IN HINDUISM" by Sita Agarwal.)

The link to Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), and his followers

In modern times the genocidal policy of intentions became less focused on any specific sex or races or nations. The old Ortes-Malthus overpopulation-doctrine was dredged up again and was ideologically applied universally. This resulting modern phase appears to have been started by the imperial advocate for depopulation, Bertrand Russell, who had previously argued for the development of the atomic bomb into a weapon so horrific that it would force all nations to surrender their sovereignty into the governing hands of his maters global world-empire. Since this atomic-bomb plan didn't work out, Bertrand Russell changed his focus and argued for radical depopulation, worldwide, for environmental reasons. 

He complained in the early 1950s that wars, even big wars, have done too little in terms of killing people. He wrote, "war, so far, has had no very great effect... (War) has been disappointing... but perhaps biological war may be more effective."  He argued that a new Black Death should sweep the world once in every generation, and added, "The state of affairs may be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people's." (see: Russell: The Impact of Science Upon Society, NY, Simon and Schuster, 1953 pp. 102-104)

AIDS might have had its origin in this same kind of background. Some researchers suggest, based on evidence, that two strains of AIDS were created. One strain had targeted the homosexual community in the USA, added to a vaccine, and another different strain had been designed to target the heterosexual community in Africa, likewise added to a vaccine. It is also possible that these two different strains of AIDS erupted prior to 1981 in the human 'swamp' of a starvation ravaged Africa (starvation imposed by policy). 

Since AIDS might have been deemed to be ultimately 'insufficient and disappointing' to meet the Russell-voiced hopes of the imperial circles, a new form of warfare was subsequently developed. As soon as the Soviet Union was shut down the world's newest atomic weapon, the depleted uranium weapon, was quietly put on the agenda. The depleted uranium weapon has now been fully war-tested in Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan, and proven to be powerfully effective for killing people massively, indiscriminately, and over long periods. This new atomic weapon appears to be presently staged to become implemented in earnest with a 50-fold increased intensity. With this new weapon, a weapon that keeps on killing and never stops, since the radioactive uranium particles will remain in the environment forever, Bertrand Russell's fondest hopes for permanent genocide might soon become a reality.

Unfortunately, Bertrand Russell was not alone in his dreaming of implementing permanent genocide. Prince Philip of the British Royal Court stated in his foreword to a book (People as Animals by Fleur Cowles, - UK, Robin Clark Ltd. 1986) that if it was possible to be reincarnated, he would be "tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus" in order to be able to contribute to the imperial's desired world-depopulation.

We have seen a lot of hype forthcoming in recent decades from the imperial field in the form of ever greater depopulation demands, including in America. In the infamous Global 2000 report that was fielded in the background to the Jimmy Carter administration, a policy for the radical depopulation of the planet in the order of billions of people was 'demanded.' Even the UN Organization was deeply involved in the depopulation agenda when it organized two major world conference events focused on depopulation, starting with the United Nations World Population Conference in Bucharest in 1974, followed by the repeat show in Cairo in September 1994 where the desired population reduction was demanded to be enforced by sanctions. Fortunately for mankind President Clinton had put some cold water on that demand and made it voluntary. Nevertheless the idea remains. 

In some other cases from various imperial backgrounds it was demanded over time that the world population be reduced to less than a billion people. From the same imperial background also the infamous banner headlines emerged, actually quite early already, in the late-1960s, which proclaimed that the Earth has cancer and that this cancer is man. And now again in our own time the policy of intention for depopulation continues. The planned massive increase in depleted uranium in bombs must be seen in this context. When the stockpiling of millions of dirty uranium bombs is seen in any other context the planed 50-fold increase, or possible 100-fold increase, of the radioactive pollution in the world's air makes absolutely no sense. Not that genocide ever makes sense. 

The synarchist imperial background of the Neocons' administration in the modern USA, a group that is deeply committed to imperial fascism, is by this connection also deeply committed to implement the depleted-uranium-weapons policy and the policy of the massive increase of its use in the planned new wars. That is why it is so crucial for the future existence of humanity to break the chain of the Neocons' power and rescue America from its role as an imperial agent for destroying the world (and itself in the process).

The planned mass bombing of Iran with the slowly spreading permanent poison set off by the DU bombs, has an eerie quality of irreversible permanence that affects the whole world. The permanent effect of this poison reminds one of the method with which the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) was 'decommissioned'  in the State of Washington. America's billion dollar research facility for advanced nuclear power development and medical application of radioisotopes, which appears to have been the leading facility of its type in the world, was not just simply deactivated by the antiscientific adminstration. It was permanently destroyed by drilling a large hole in its reactor vessel so that that the facility can never be reactivated. Thus, the leading edge facility that had been created with a promise for a brighter future has been transformed in a single day from a national asset of great value into a $2-billion cleanup liability (that some contractors no doubt will make a killing on).

We see the same trend towards permanent destruction unfolding with financier orchestrated dismantling of the U.S. auto industry, aerospace industry, and machine tool industry. The workers are put on the scrap heap and the production machinery is put on the auction block for pennies on the dollar of replacement value. The empty buildings are then turned into amusement parks and so on. The damage that is thereby done is final. It is as final as the collapse of a great building that is blown up with a nuclear bomb as some researchers say happened in the case of 9-11. There is a finality about these kinds of insane actions, which cannot be reversed. It's like a soldier shooting a man in the head. The damage cannot be undone. It is the same with the DU-poisoning of the world. Once the radioactive particles are dispersed throughout the world they cannot be collected up. They are there to stay and they will keep on killing. Of course there is no place on earth that is safe then that once could hide oneself to escape the effects. Nor is it possible to get off the earth. The earth is our home. If we drown it in radioactive pollution from DU bombs and atomic bombs we'll perish by the consequences.

World War II was a clean war. When the war ended the killing stopped. That is no longer the case. In the planned DU-wars the killing continues after the guns  fall silent the wars end. The killing becomes permanent. It goes on forever though. 

The question has been asked why America would dump this deadly pollution into foreign lands when the pollution blows back onto America itself? 

There is no answer that once could cite that make any sense. However, apart from the fact that war never makes sense, there is a reason behind the madness that apparent makes sense to the small-minded imperials that are drowning in insanity. The insane reason is the same as that for which America's industrial capacity is being rapidly destroyed and auctioned off. The reason is, and that seems hard to accept, that the USA has always been a thorn in the eyes of the imperial crowd ever since it was created. For as long as the USA existed the imperial circles of Europe have maintained a policy of intention to destroy the USA. The productive, innovative, humanist, renaissance spirit that had made America a great nation and the envy of the world several times in its history, has been put under attack numerous times since the nation was founded. The attacks were not only waged on the battle fields, but also culturally, and were cutting deep. But they have never succeeded until now in a 'big' way as they are poised to do. Now that it has become possible to carry out the policy to destroy the USA from within with impunity, the complete destruction of the USA might yet be accomplished. There is a powerful movement operating in high places within the USA and its government and institutions to achieve that objective. 

Ironically, the American society is not committed to any meaningful efforts to stop the destruction of America, which people are told has become the new imperial world order. The DU-poisoning of the world falls perfectly within this framework, especially the blowback effect that brings a significant portion of the poison back to America. 

It is the permanent nature, the irreversible consequences of the DU-bombing that should inspire the whole of mankind to see itself in the same light - as a target for destruction -, and thus cause it to stop the planned war against Iran and other nations by all means possible. Nothing less than a full end of war as a policy is required, because once the next war starts and the millions of DU-bombs evaporate their content into the atmosphere and the environment, the resulting damage cannot be reversed. What is done in terms of the global uranium poisoning cannot be undone, including the horrific damage already done, not to mention the potentially 100-fold increase of it that appears to be planned.

If mankind fails in protecting itself by shutting down war, that is when war starts anew, a few of the high-minded imperials will then no doubt celebrate the massively unfolding bombing events with their Champaign glasses held high and with cheers on their lips while humanity slowly dies - of which they believe themselves to be magically exempt. 

The dimension of Science linking Nicolas of Cusa and Mary Baker Eddy

Let us hope that our love for ourselves and one-another, and all that is human and thereby divine, is sufficiently wide and universal to cause us to act with all the resources of our humanity to prevent the planned doom. For millennia the human society has created institutions for war and sacrificed itself to them. I would like to suggest that the time has come for society to step up to higher ground and create for itself institutions for peace and for human development beyond anything we have ever seen before, the kind which we are capable of creating as human beings. The 1648 Treaty of Westphalia is a faint example of what can be accomplished for peace on a scientific basis, the basis of a humanist renaissance. After more than hundred years of 'religious' war in Europe, in which nearly half the population of Europe was killed, society turned the page in 1648, to a new page, and resolutely 'sacrificed' everything related to war for the sake of peace. Peace became the pearl of great value that superseded everything. This peace was built on the principles that were developed in the scientific awakening of mankind during the Golden Renaissance. The principles that were recognized then started a process that laid the foundation for our modern civilization. This foundation still stands to some degree in spite of the massive attacks upon it. Many of the deep scientific aspects on which this foundation has been built have been lost in centuries of cultural warfare to destroy the face of mankind, but the lost aspects can all be rebuild and even be superseded.

War is never inevitable, only peace is inevitable. When the nations that make war have exhausted their resources, peace always resumes. Thus it has been throughout time and will be for as long wars are unleashed. With this in mind only one type of question remains to be asked today: Will the future peace that resumes, perhaps in our age, be a silent peace without a human voice to be heard when it resumes? That potential for an endless silence exists. Or will the resuming peace be an active peace, rich and alive with the sounds of joy, and power, and healing? These are the questions that should be on the table today. We are at the crossroads. The choice is ours.

A long time ago, long before Mary Baker Eddy came onto the scene, way back during the age of the Golden Renaissance in Europe, the famous scientific pioneer of that age, Nicholas of Cusa,  refering to the scientific and spiritual development that he helped to pioneered, saying, "this is the beginning of a new epoch in the spiritual history of mankind, and I'm going to write something which never before has been thought." And so he asserted: "The soul is inventing the sciences, namely the arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy, and she realizes, in doing so, that in herself is a force enfolded. Because these sciences are discovered by man, and they are being unfolded. And because they are eternal, and because they remain in the same way--because they remain immortal and eternal--the soul also recognizes in reality, that she, the soul, is immortal, and remains in an immortal way forever. Because those mathematic sciences are only in her power enfolded, and exfolded through her, so much so, that if the soul would not exist, the sciences would not exist." (see the preface of the Concordantia Catholica, where Nicholas was very self-conscious about what he was doing, and  his writings about the Globusspiel, the De Ludo Globi.)

Is it any wonder than that Mary Baker Eddy pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development has reserved for its center three synonyms for God that are the key elements in civilization -- Soul, Truth, and Love. They are standing at the center. They are not part of the pedagogical structure itself. They are the central substance that the entire structure is moving towards. Evidently the salvation of mankind, its civilization, and its very existence, rests with these three divine aspects of our humanity that reflect the great synonyms for God, identified as Soul, Truth, and Love. In divine Soul, Truth, and Love, and our reflection of it, we find bound up all that we need for the universal healing of mankind. But nothing less will do.