The Moral Platform and the Coming Ice Age

The Moral Platform, Related to the Four Rows:


The rows are defined by two sets of interlocking definitions. The interrelationship defines the moral domain also as the outcome of divine Principle.

1. The Word of Life, Truth, and Love.
2. The Christ, the spiritual idea of God.
3. Christianity, the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ idea in Christian History.
4. Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar.

1. GOD (Divine synonyms) - MAN (Divine image) - IDEA (Divine Reflection)
2. Spiritual - Understanding - Reality
3. Moral - Evil beliefs disappearing - Transitional qualities
4. Physical - Depravity - Unreality

It is interesting to note that in the absolute domain of the divine (1), everything exists side by side, laterally. No hierarchical differentiation or isolation is possible. The lower three levels then cover the entire sphere of the human domain and the human development going on in it. Here, everything is hierarchical and 'vertical.' The three levels correspond with what Mary Baker Eddy described as the: "Scientific translation of mortal mind." Their range extends from the "physical" domain of "depravity" at the 4th level, coincident with "Christian Science;" up to the "moral" domain of "transitional qualities" at the 3rd level (described as evil beliefs disappearing, coincident with "Christianity;") then progressing from there up to the "spiritual" domain of scientific "understanding" at the 2nd level, (coincident with "the Christ the spiritual idea of God") where scientific perception opens the door  to the divine.

Mary Baker Eddy renders the moral platform as central to the human world, but she also renders it as a low-level and transitional platform in this universal order. This rendering is highly significant. In fact it is a pioneering projection that only Christ Jesus had dealt with before her. She puts the moral platform not on top of the scale of attainments, as much of world claims to do. Instead she puts it at a low level, below the Christ-level, at the level of Christianity. This level renders the moral platform as mankind's great gateway to the spiritual domain, the domain of Christ-Science.

Her profound pedagogical structure indicates that if the moral platform is weak, our gateway to the Christ is essentially closed, and with it the path to Christian Science healing is also closed. It is the scientific and spiritual development of mankind at the Christ-level that opens the scientific horizon to the divine reality, --to the resources of heaven-- that the process of Christian Science healing projects into the NIGHT and HELL at the lowest realm of on Earth, represented at the 4th level. If the moral platform, as a gateway to the Christ does not exist in society, or in individual thinking, the entire healing process becomes disabled.

While the moral platform is not primarily scientific it needs to reflect the nature of divine Principle. 

The humanist principles must reflect the essential aspects of divine Principle. Mary Baker Eddy relates the moral domain with Christianity, " the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ idea in Christian history."

This association means for example that while it may not be possible to embrace the Principle of Universal Love without a significant scientific background, it should certainly be possible for society to embrace its fundamental element, the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind and a moral principle and establish this principle as a moral platform. 

Mary Baker Eddy writes under the heading: Assistance in brotherhood: "God gives the lesser idea of Himself for a link to the greater, and in return, the higher always protects the lower." Then she brings the underlying idea closer to the surface, saying, "The rich in spirit help the poor in one grand brotherhood, all having the same Principle, or Father; and blessed is that man who seeth his brother's need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another's good." After that, she brings the divine base of the moral principle still closer to the surface, saying, "Love giveth to the least spiritual idea might, immortality, and goodness, which shine through all as the blossom shines through the bud. All the varied expressions of God reflect health, holiness, immortality--infinite Life, Truth, and Love."*(See Science and Health, 518) 

From this point, it is but a small step to embrace the Principle of Universal Love. But it all starts with the fundamental element, the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind as a moral principle. Without that, everything that is built on this foundation that is itself rooted in divine Principle, is blocked, being conceptionally 'inaccessible.'

In relating the textbook chapters to the foursquare pedagogical structure, Mary Baker Eddy placed her two chief cornerstones of the pedagogical structure NOT into the spiritual domain, but into moral domain on which so much depends, which she described as the transitional stage, a stage that functions as a stepping stone to the the spiritual domain (the domain of the Christ) in the development of the spiritual idea in divine Science. These two cornerstones in the moral domain are two profound platforms that "elucidate" scientific metaphysics. They are the Christian Science Platform in the chapter Science of Being (in the 3rd column), and the extensive platform that spans the entire chapter Recapitulation (in the 4th column).

Ironically, the moral domain is essentially a low-scientific domain, the kind that we want to get away from as fast as possible by stepping up to higher ground. We want to step up to the fully scientific domain of the Christ, which in turn strengthens the moral domain. It is simply not possible for mankind to end wars as a merely moral project, without this moral project being pulled up to higher ground and being based evermore fully on divine Principle in the Science of being. The Christ-Science, or divine Science, opens the portal to the resources of heaven that enables the healing of society to occur that ends wars. Christian Science healing will at length accomplish that, but it has to begin at the moral domain being based on divine Principle.

Right now the whole moral process is largely disabled. The moral platform has been abandoned. The platform of society has been reduced to a historic low point, reminiscent of the days of the Roman Empire, but lower than that. We've got 40,000 nuclear bombs to prove it, and empires with such a devastating impact that entire continents are now collapsing into abject poverty, with homelessness at an all-time high around the world and people scrounging the garbage dumps for scraps of food while not enough garbage exists to go around. We are presently quite willing as a global society to put 50,000 people to death each single day, most of them children under the age of 5, imposing poverty-related scourges that are easily preventable. These scourges are easily preventable once the steps are taken to create the needed new renaissance in universal humanist development, such as economic development, and industrial development, and so forth, that would reflect the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind. The tragedy is that all the steps towards a universal renaissance are actively impeded. In fact, they are viciously impeded in order to protect empires that depend on stealing, which cannot exist in a richly developing Renaissance World.

In other words, we are presently in a historic moral crisis, globally. And more tragic than the crisis itself, is the fact that the crisis is happening while the greatest natural challenge to civilization and human existence, possibly since the dawn of mankind, stand on the horizon . This natural challenge is imposed by the return of the Ice Age in the near future that threatens 99% of mankind with extinction for the lack of food resources if we don't get our act together in this age, globally, and develop the climate-independent food resources that can support mankind when the Ice Age transition happens. Our present food resources are almost entirely derived from agriculture that is totally keyed to our present interglacial warm climate, which is projected to end in 100-150 years according to the natural cycles of the universe. (See further down: The Ice Age Challenge)

The big challenge that the impending return of the Ice Age imposes on the present, is that we develop the means to shift our global agriculture into indoor facilities to protect our food resources from the cold, or to industrially create synthetic food (not a pleasant thought). It may take 100 years to develop the required technologies to put agriculture indoors, and the physical resources, and the productive facilities, and so forth.  But with the appropriate effort this challenge can be met. However, the much bigger challenge for mankind to met, before the physical challenge can even be tackled, is to rebuild the moral platform that enables mankind to create the needed renaissance environment in which all of what needs to be done can actually become possible. That is where we face the greatest 'deficit' and the greatest challenge.

The most powerful tool that mankind has at the present time to achieve the needed moral rebuilding is Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development. In this structure her textbook is one of the chief 'engines'. In other words, the very survival of civilization and mankind apparently rests to a large degree on this single book and the pedagogical structure that it is a part of.

The question may be asked here: Was Mary Baker Eddy aware of the depth of the moral challenge and its deep-reaching impact on future ages? It appears that she was aware of it in principle.

In her usual, bold pioneering fashion she suggest: "Break up cliques, level wealth with honesty, let worth be judged according to wisdom, and we get better views of humanity."*(Science and Health 239)

This challenge that she put forward to "level wealth with honesty" is nothing short of a call on society to heal itself of the 'disease' of private wealth, manifest in the current focus on the privatization of the wealth of society versus the development of the universal wealth of society. This challenge is evident throughout the world, where this 'disease' of private wealth inhibits the unfolding of the universal brotherhood of man. The two platforms, the privatization of society's wealth and physical resources, and the universal brotherhood of mankind, are contrary platforms by their very nature. The brotherhood of mankind is totally rooted in divine Principle, while the privatization of society's wealth is a total denial of the universal divine Principle that is reflected in the universal brotherhood of all mankind. The privatization of society's wealth is therefore a platform without Principle, a fascist platform, an immoral platform that engenders the collapse of civilization.

Evidently Mary Baker Eddy was right in making her call to level wealth with honesty before the global tragedies resulting from this disease would mushroom into the horrific dimensions that turned the last century into the worst century of war and destruction in human history. What turned out to be just a scourge on the horizon in her time (although the entire American Civil War had been an element of this disease) has become in modern times a pandemic disease that is destroying virtually all the nations and is now threatening the very existence of civilization and mankind as a whole by rendering the needed Ice Age Renaissance unattainable.

How infinitely distant mankind presently stands from meeting the challenge put forth by Mary Baker Eddy (and thereby the Ice Age challenge) is indicated by the fact that the healing of privatized wealth as a disease, versus universal wealth,  is absolutely not anywhere near, much less on the agenda. Much to the contrary, all the impediments have been removed that the moral structures once set up against the processes of the wealth-creating stealing from society on a global scale that has become so destructive in modern times. 

Any form of real moral and physical development is not even on the slow burner. The divine Principle reflected in the Principle of Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind, is laughed at. We are brandishing bombs at each other. Free-trade and imperial looting are now deemed moral and are hailed as a panacea, while they are wrecking entire nations with the privatization of the wealth of mankind as the protection of the nations' industries, infrastructures, social support structures, and industrial development are disallowed, which are all deemed totally immoral in the age of wealth-gathering imperialism and the rule of might. On this low platform, mired in the sewers of greed and fascist force, the needed 100-year development effort for indoor agriculture on a global scale, together with the supporting industries and infrastructures, becomes absolutely unthinkable. Indeed, why would anyone living in the sewer be concerned with the future needs of mankind or its continued existence?

For example: Right now in the USA, in the most wealth-loving nation on Earth, 20% of the population claims 80% of the national income, while the remaining 80% of society are left with a mere 20% of the national income. That adds up to a 16-fold differential in income spread and puts 80% of the population into a position of virtual slavery for the greater riches of the remaining minority. This vast spread on such a large scale, which presently enslaves the much of humanity in much of the same manner, makes a bitter joke out of the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind and the divine Principle of Universal Love.

I have created a 9-episode series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose,  to explore the deep challenges posed by the Principle of Universal Love and the moral Principle of Universal Brotherhood. I thought originally that this could be achieved in a single novel. It turned out that a series of nine novels was required. (Some of the novels are presently under revision. Please see the website: for availability.)

The Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind has been scrapped in today's world and labeled archaic, together with the Principle of Universal Love that never even got off the ground. The horrendous deficit that society has now accumulated in all of these aspects, especially in the moral arena, cannot be overcome by working at the same level and from the same platform on which the deficit has been created. The deficit in the moral domain can only be overcome by a moral recommitment to the fundamentals based on divine Principle, powered by Christ-Science unfolding in the processes of Divine Science unfolding in Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure.

With the ingenious design of her pedagogical structure, Mary Baker Eddy not only provides a resource for solving the present civilization-destroying problems. She has also provided with it a yardstick for measuring our progress in the moral domain.

For example: For as long as the universal brotherhood of all mankind is not on the agenda to be acknowledged and honored by dedicated efforts and meaningful results in "leveling wealth with honesty" - effectively ending the imperial world - the effectiveness of Christian Science healing is blocked and civilization and mankind are doomed. The resulting tragedy is a symptom of a lacking moral foundation. The resources for overcoming this lack are identified in the pedagogical structure as mankind's divine resources for good, defined by Mary Baker Eddy as the "Omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and omni-action," of Spirit, God.

Actually, Mary Baker Eddy stated her demand to "level wealth with honesty" in a rather gentle manner. Christ Jesus was much more adamant about the deeply inhibiting effect of a person or society living far below the minimal moral platform, snubbing the divine Principle, such as snubbing the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind and the Principle Universal Love. We are told by Matthew what Christ Jesus thought on that subject:

23 #Then said Jesus unto his 
disciples, Verily I say unto you, 
That a rich man shall hardly enter 
into the kingdom of heaven. 
24 And again I say unto you, It is 
easier for a camel to go through 
the eye of a needle, than for a 
rich man to enter into the kingdom 
of God. 
25 When his disciples heard it, 
they were exceedingly amazed, 
saying, Who then can be saved? 
26 But Jesus beheld them, and said 
unto them, With men this is 
impossible; but with God all things 
are possible.*(Matthew 19)

Here is where the divine qualities of "omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and omni-action," come into play and give us hope and a standard to live up to. Maybe the demand by the future on the present, for creating an Ice Age Renaissance, will in time break the deadlock against the much needed healing of mankind in Divine Science that Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure can provide. The key in this healing lies not in eradicating society's fascination with the privatization of its wealth. The key lies in getting mankind out of this HELL and replacing it with something better, with the divine Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of all Mankind, and above that with the Principle of Universal Love.

The Moral Dimension of the Ice Age Challenge:

The dawn of mankind takes us back in time across 2.5 million years of  history that has not been a joy-ride for humanity. Almost 2 million years of this history occurred during the present Ice Age Epoch, the Pleistocene Epoch, which has not ended, but has merely been interrupted periodically with short intervals of exceptionally warm climates, called the interglacial periods. Our current warm period is one of these. However, it is nearing its end.

While we have some understanding as to what is causing the Pleistocene Ice Age Epoch and the interglacial exceptions, a lot of it remains still unknown. Nevertheless we do know from historic records that the Earth has been in a cyclical pattern of ice periods, typically in the range of 90,000 to 94,000 years, interspersed with warm periods in the range of  slightly over 10,000 years. While our theories about the phenomena are constantly changing as more knowledge is gained, the astrophysical cycles themselves remain predictably rigid. From the general average of the observed cycles it is possible to determine that we are are presently close to the transition point back to the normal Ice Age environment, the cold environment with radically lower global average temperatures. Again, we know far too little about the specific dynamics of an Ice Age climate, however we are fully aware of the effect  the cold climate had on the humanity.

We know for example that we, the species of Homosapiens, are the 8th human species in the unfolding of mankind. The seven previous species have all become extinct along the way, probably as the result of the numerous recurring Ice ages of the Pleistocene Epoch. We also know that  with all those 2.5 million years of development to our credit, we emerged from the last Ice Age with nothing more than a 5-million world population (estimates vary between 1-10 million). This tiny population had evidently been all that the planet had been able to support in its cold climatic state. But then, with the onset of  the current interglacial warm period, the entire human dynamics suddenly changed. By the time the interglacial optimum was reached and the biosphere had recovered, the world population begun to grow. By  about 1000-BC it had reached 50-150 million. At this point major scientific progress began. In the First Century AD the world population is estimated to have been 200-400 million. At this point the imperial dark ages began in which little humanist development happened. Consequently the world population increased only minutely from then on, to roughly 500 million in the mid-1600s. At this point a major renaissance occurred. In the light of the unfolding renaissance the resumed scientific development enabled a fuller utilization of the agricultural potential that the warm climate offered. With these expanded developments in agriculture, massive food resources were created that simply hadn't been possible, or even been imaginable, during the long Ice Age periods. Thus, we have achieved a 1000-fold increase in the world-population by utilizing evermore the potential that warm climate offered.

The tiny 5 million population that came out of the last Ice Age after 2.5 million year of development, suddenly became a 5 billion population, going on to 10 billion. Nevertheless, the entire vast population-miracle became possible only during the time when the warm-climate agriculture became possible. The warm climate had awakened a revolution in the creating of food-resources. However, almost all of this developed capacity is still keyed to the current warm climate. That is what we are in danger of  loosing when the warm climate ends. We are loosing the key element that mankind is currently dependent on for its agriculture and therefore its food resources, which is the warm climate.

If nothing is done to make our global agriculture climate-independent, such as by shifting it into artificial indoor environments, our food resources will collapse with the return of the Ice Age. This cannot be avoided. While this collapse may not mean that the world-population will shrink back to the 5 million level that came out of the last Ice Age, it will nevertheless be unacceptably catastrophic. With modern agricultural methods we might be able to extend the historic cold-climate limit 20-fold, to possibly 100 million, but even this most optimistic case would cause us to lose still 99% of the 10-billion world population that we may have a 100 years from now.

Unfortunately, those unacceptably tragic human losses, on a scale of this magnitude, would be unavoidable if we were to fail in protecting our food supply in indoor facilities on the global scale before the Ice Age transition begins. In other words the coming Ice age poses a much graver danger to mankind than a full-scale nuclear war. And the transition point for building the needed protective infrastructures is now.

"Oh it won't come to that," you may say, "because global warming is happening instead!" . Don't bet on it.

The global warming doctrine has nothing to do with climate reality, but is essentially a psychological warfare project to protect the imperial world from the profound renaissance environment that an honest response to the Ice Age challenge would inspire, which however the imperial world would not survive. In real terms the entire CO2-greenhouse-effect hoopla has nothing to do with anything real. The reality is in the opposite. CO2 is not a major greenhouse factor since 97% of the greenhouse effect comes from water vapor, and of the remaining 3% in which CO2 is a major factor, mankind's global contribution amounts to no more than 3%. In my books, 3% of  3% adds up to virtually nothing. The big factor that remains however, the 97% of the greenhouse effect that comes from water vapor, is hugely influenced by cosmic radiation that affects cloud formation, the variations of which cause the cooling or the warming of the planet.

Yes, the Earth has been in a generally continuing warming trend since the mid-1700s when the last Little Ice Age ended. However, in recovering from the last Little Ice Age we are only half way back to the medieval optimum that existed before the Little Ice Age started, and only a quarter the way back to the Interglacial Optimum of 7000 years go when the Sahara was green and had rivers flowing in it and civilizations developing. Of course none of those huge temperature variations were manmade since for most of this time mankind's presence was minuscule.

This tremendous historic global warming leading up to Holocene Optimum, or the Medieval Optimum, to a level way beyond anything we have seen in recent years, happened at a time when the biggest manmade contribution to the greenhouse gases of the world came from a few camp fires and the stomachs of domesticated cows. Geologic evidence is also quite clear that the CO2 factor, which the global warming political hubbub is all about, has virtually no impact whatsoever on the global climate. 

For example, it is known that 440 million years ago the atmospheric CO2 content was18-times greater than it is today, (not just 30% which the present hubbub is about). Nevertheless, this dense CO2 level  in historic times didn't prevent the massive glaciation that is believed to have caused the Ordovician Mass Extinction of nearly all life on the planet around that time, and likewise the second mass extinction at the end of Devonian Period by another major glaciation event which occurred at a time when the CO2 content of the atmosphere was still 12 greater than it is today. Neither did the high level of atmospheric CO2 content, which continued to persist, prevent the vastly extensive glaciation that is believed to have caused the greatest mass extinction of all times, the  Permian Extinction, some 250 million years ago, in which over 90% of all life on the planet perished. Even as recent as 50 million years, ago when the CO2 content in the atmosphere was still 6 times greater than it is today,  the global temperature was only 1.5 degrees warmer than we have it today, which makes it roughly equal to the interglacial optimum in our current period which is CO2 deficient, both in terms of geologic history and the needs of the biosphere. (as per: Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, below) 

The bottom line is that the entire CO2 hoopla is built on a lie. No facet of it concurs with real history. And why should we be surprised at this, since it has become morally acceptable to lie on a grand scale in the name of political objectives? 

Neither is it true that the general scientific community supports the global warming doctrine.  Three major protest petition projects are poof of that. 

The first of the three protest projects was the 1992 Heidelberg Appeal that was launched from the University City of Heidelberg in Germany against the unscientific global warming assumptions and draconian demands based on it. This single appeal netted the organizers 4000 signatures from scientists from 69 countries, including 63 Nobel Laureates . Of course, one shouldn't be surprised that this massive appeal didn't even make it onto the 'agenda' of the Rio climate conference in 1992, which followed a political agenda rather than the truth. Subsequently the Leipzig Declaration project was launched, again from Germany, which focused only on the world's actual climate specialists. The Leipzig Declaration Project brought together 110 protest signatures from the leading experts in the climate science field, all in time for the 1997 Kyoto climate conference. But again, the voice of the actual experts wasn't heard. Dissent wasn't welcome at the Kyoto conference either. After all, the conference had been organized to support the global warming doctrine. Evidently, the outcome of the conference had been largely predetermined as this is usually the case with the kinds of world-conference events for which the delegates are generally hand-picked for their commitment to the predetermined conclusions. 

After the voice of dissent had failed to heard in Kyoto, another petition project was launched by the scientific community, organized from America, the so-called Oregon Petition project that was actually run out of California. The petition project brought together an unprecedented 17,000 signatures from scientists from around the world, urging the world's governments not to ratify the unscientific assumptions behind the Kyoto Accord.

(Referenes to the petition projects are based on the Feb. 1, 1999 newspaper article  in The New Federalist, Leesburg, VA, by Hugh W. Ellsaesser, an atmospheric scientist, retired form Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory after 23 years of atmospheric and climate research and 20 years as an Air Weather Officer for the U.S. Air Force)

The reality is, that seven years after Kyoto (in 2004), in spite of all the claims of a supposed global consensus on global warming, only 32 countries of the 210 that adopted the Kyoto Protocol, have ratified it  . This lack of response amounts to an 85% rejection of the protocol. The prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences published its conclusion in May 2004, confirming that the Kyoto Protocol does not have any scientific grounds whatsoever. Nevertheless, the global warming hoopla continues with the evident goal to prevent the needed outbreak of an Ice Age Renaissance, which the imperial world would not survive, but which would enable mankind to survive. Thus, the future existence of 99% of mankind literally hangs in the balance over a moral issue, the globally staged attempt to cover up the truth.

The world renowned atmospheric scientists and mountaineer, Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection in Warsaw, a man that has excavated ice samples out of 17 glaciers on 6 continents in his 50-year career, tells us to get ready, to get the fur coats out, because terrestrial cooling is on the agenda of the universe. The return of the Ice Age is near.

He warns that solar cycles, not CO2, determine the climate of the Earth, and that the duration of those cycles is predictable from historic data since the cycles occur with "some regularity"  divided into roughly 90,000-year ice age periods and 10,000 year interglacial warm periods.  Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski  points out in a 2003 article that the historic average duration of the warm-periods has already been slightly exceeded by about 500 years (or 5%) by our present interglacial warm period. He also points out that the transition periods are typically short, in the range of 1-50 years and may begin without warning. He makes no predictions when this will happen, but points out that other climatologists claim that the transition will likely occur in 50-150 years. He points out further that Russian physicists from the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk have observed a close  response in global temperature to fluctuations in solar activity cycles that have been traced since 1882. Scientists at the institute have also noticed that the current 11-year solar activity cycle is weaker than the previous one, with a high probability that the next two cycles will will be weaker still, resulting in reduced global temperatures in 2021-2026. Jaworowski suggests in his article that the gradual shift to colder climates may have already begun a few years ago since the measured annual average air temperature in Irkutsk had peaked in 1997 at +2.3 degree Celsius and dropped to 1.2 degrees in 1998, to 0.7 degrees in 1999, and 0.4 degrees in 2000. Jaworowski's suggestion is that we are facing the greatest challenge in human history with the transition to a new Ice Age, which or course is inevitable, but which will render large portions of the world's food-growing areas inoperable. *(Based on Jaworowski's article in: 21st Century Science and Technology, Leeburg Virginia., Winter 2003-2004 - Also see web link at

The big moral question is, how do we respond to that? A technological response in terms of creating indoor agriculture is achievable. It may take a 100 years to implement, but it is achievable. However, that achievement is not possible without a strong moral foundation to support it. This foundation doesn't exist at the present, but appears to be attainable, although not without a dedicated effort to do so. The big question therefore is, are we willing to make the effort? Or do we rather aim to kneel before God, begging that God will save us the effort while we continue, almost globally now, to rob our neighbor in a growing rage of wealth-building greed, kill our children at the tune of 50,000 a day with our home-spun global poverty, and continue to build ever-more nuclear bombs while we keep our harts and our hands closed to those who would elevate mankind?

If I was God in such a situation, facing that kind of petition, how would I have to respond?  Would I not be responding by pointing out that mankind has already been provided with all the resources it needs to save itself from the coming Ice-Age cooling by protecting its agriculture in indoor facilities, or by creating synthetic food resources? I would point out that nothing more is needed than what mankind already has at its grasp. I would point out that the needed spiritual-scientific resources have already been provided a hundred years before the need for them was even recognized, with which to activate mankind's physical, scientific, and technological resources and its capabilities to overcome the ferocity of the coming cold spell.

I would also point out that those spiritual-scientific resources had already existed prior to World War I and would have been sufficient to prevent it, and to prevent World War II as well, and the Cold War, and every war thereafter. I would point out that those wars have not been prevented as the resources for preventing them had remained unutilized, so that the war were allowed and have altogether trashed the human world more deeply than people generally realize. I would also point out that the concerned scientists of humanity are not engaged in scare-mongering, who warn society of the challenges presented by the dynamics of the ice-age cycles that have persisted over the last 2 million years. If one were to call that scare-mongering, one would have to say the same about God who predicted to Abraham the impending doom of the city of Sodom, according to an ancient allegory.*(Genesis 18:16-33) 

The biblical story of the demise of Sodom, in the form of this allegory, tells us that Abraham ventured to reason with God, suggesting to God that the city of Sodom should be saved if fifty righteous people could be found therein. God agreed that that this would be sufficient to save the city. We are told that Abraham had his doubts, though, that those fifty would be found. So he suggested a lower number. What if only forty-five could be found, or perhaps just thirty, or twenty, or only ten? In each case God affirmed that this would be sufficient to save the city. 

In the scientific sense a single person would be sufficient if that person could cause society to revert from its self-destructive pursuits, provided that society had an ear to listen with, and an eye to see the reality before its face. A single person would have been sufficient under those terms to have caused a renaissance revolution, by which the disaster would have been averted. As it was, in the case of Sodom, not even that one person existed or couldn't get the required support, or society didn't have an ear to hear, so that the destruction of the city occurred on schedule as it had been projected by God.

The allegory is interesting in terms of the principles it brings to light. In historic terms the city of Sodom may have been one of the rich cities of the plain in the Jordan Valley, which all perished in a natural disaster and now lay deeply buried below the lower end of the Dead Sea. The city of Sodom, by all accounts, was symbolic for the arrogance and decadence of wealth, so that its destruction is conveniently construed in historic records as some form of divine punishment. Except, Abraham had raised the platform to the higher ground where vengeance doesn't have a foundation to stand on. Since the Jordan Valley is the boundary zone of the Arabic and African tectonic plates, there may have been minor tremors along this fault line long before the big one hit. And by all accounts it was a big one, probably accompanied with massive gaseous emissions. Researchers suggest that the area remained unoccupied after the disaster, for 600 years.

The Abraham-Sodom allegory might have actually been a story of a struggle by Abraham to get an intelligent response to his warnings about what he might have sensed of an impending danger. If the societies in those cities had been intelligent, rather than being mired in greed and anchored to their wealth, the populations might all have been saved.

Right now mankind is in a similar situation. Many tens if not hundreds of billions are spent each year around the world on the destabilization of other nations, causing wars and destruction and human misery on an epic scale, while hardly a few pennies are spend on building the foundation for establishing the brotherhood of all mankind on which the future existence of mankind absolutely depends. In Abraham's time it might have been possible to abandon the cities in the plains, and for the people to resettle on higher ground. This would have provided a simple solution. In Ice Age terms, the modern equivalent would be for society to abandon its greed-based fascism mired in private wealth, and step up to the higher ground of the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of all Mankind. On this platform the needed infrastructures can be build, and this just as easily as the cities of the plains around Sodom could have been relocated.

We are told that in the ancient days the needed intelligent response hadn't been forthcoming. I like to assume that our modern response will be more intelligent than that. I like to assume that our moral platform is still high enough that mankind is not willing to gamble with the life of 99% of its future population on the off-chance that the next Ice Age cycle won't happen, or won't be as severe as those in the past, or will be delayed by another ten-thousand years, so that mankind can keep on hating each other, and steal from each other, and kill one another in wars.

The irony is that creating the Ice Age Renaissance that everyone stops their ears so as not to hear about it, would create the richest world ever imagined as a stepping stone to achieving the Ice Age essentials. The only price would be for society to trade in the privatization of wealth for the Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of man, which is something that the society of Sodom had evidently not been willing to accept.

Christ Jesus, who had been no stranger in this valley of folly, was certainly justified in saying to his disciples: "I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."*( Matthew 19:24) 

His observation evidently applies to a society as well. The furious privatization of wealth in today's world, which is on the fast track of destroying civilization, versus the development of the universal wealth of society and mankind, is presently the single most important blocking factor that prevents the needed Ice Age Renaissance from being initiated. This single factor stands as the chief blocking factor, because it stands in total denial of the divine Principle of the Universal Brotherhood of all Mankind. Without the moral foundation built on this moral principle that reflects divine Principle, mankind stands doomed by the Ice Age as the needed response to its challenge cannot be attained without this moral foundation. No form of the privatization of wealth could ever support the needed 100-year development cycles on the gargantuan scale that will be required. This page of history on which the privatization of society's wealth plays itself out, and has for many ages, comes to a close with the close of the current interglacial epoch, one way our another.

Our only choice is whether we wish to see the next page, meaning that we wish to see the human cycle continuing, rather than end altogether in the potential cataclysms and the greater wars over food that they will likely inspire. My take is that we will come away from this choice as an uplifted human society, building for ourselves the brightest future ever imagined and then some, which rightly defines mankind as the reflection of God. The bottom line is that the self-extinction of mankind in the next Ice Age transition is preventable and that the foundation for this prevention is primarily a moral foundation that we have the capacity to build with the power-tool that is designed for such building, which is Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structure of Divine Science. When Christ Jesus said to his disciples that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God, his disciples were exceedingly amazed, saying, "Who then can be saved?" they asked. His reply still remains applicable. He said that "with men this is impossible; but with God (coming to light in Divine Science) all things are possible."

On this note, I would like to suggest that the next Ice Age transition becomes a none-event as we will accept our power to become human beings in the highest sense. With this power unfolding, we will be ready for the return of the Ice Age, possibly for the first time in human history. On this note the horrendous Ice Age challenge that presently looms before is will be turned by our intelligent response to it into the greatest blessing we ever had , at every step along the way.

John 1:11-12
11 He came unto his own, and his 
own received him not. 
12 But as many as received him, to 
them gave he power to become the 
sons of God, even to them that 
believe on his name: 

End of Editor's Appendix