The Apocalypse - foretelling the end of evil
through scientific and spiritual development.

Many people argue that the Apocalypse is a statement of prophecy foretelling the end of human civilization, and possibly humanity as a whole. No, John predicted something much more profound. He predicted the end of all evil through scientific and spiritual development. In scientific terms, the book of Revelation doesn't contain a prophesy at all, but an observation based on an understanding of the inevitable consequences of the principle of the universe being realized in the human domain.

The Apostle John presented in metaphor a city foursquare descending from God out of heaven, a city in which there would be no night, forever.

foundation for Christian Science the city foursquare

A foursquare structure, of course, comes to light in scientific terms as a matrix for the ordering of thoughts and perceptions towards the discovery of fundamental principles by means of exploring the interrelationships of given ideas and concepts. For example, such a matrix can be understood as a structure of rows of horizontally interrelated elements. These horizontal rows can be understood to combine associated elements that share a common characteristic, or level of thought, or cardinal point.

cardinal points in understanding Christian Science

One can also recognize a matrix as a structure of vertically interconnected columns of elements. These columns can be understood to represent unique types of upwards oriented flows of development, or progressions.

development domains in understanding Christian Science

Naturally, these two structural features of a matrix can be combined to enhance the depth of investigation of whatever aspects of reality are being explored.

basic matrix for understanding Christian Science

By the interrelationships of the individual elements, the matrix elements themselves, are more precisely defined by seeing them in their context with rows and the columns, and so are the principles they represent.

This process of organization brings a great deal of order and clarity to scientific investigation, and precision in terms of correctness. The rigorous demand for precision, naturally, opens up many question that would normally never be asked. It also opens the scene to discoveries that might otherwise never be made. 

Mary Baker Eddy worked extensively within the context of the foursquare structure. Every major aspect of her work is structurally related to it. The earliest discoveries of Mary Baker Eddy's work in terms of these types of structures, were made in the 1940s by a Christian Science teacher in London England, by the name of John Doorly. More complete and advanced discoveries were later made in the 1980s in North Vancouver, Canada, sparked by the work of Howard Meredith, a Christian Scientist with a background in advanced education. The work was eventually carried forward in a number of different ways. This website is designed in part to provide an overview of the outcome of two decades of research that came out of the discoveries of the 1980s, and to make the discoveries and the relevant principles accessible.

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