Agape Research

Why am I doing this work?
 by Rolf Witzsche


I have been recently asked that very question:

Rolf:  As a life-long and class taught C.S. (I am almost 76), I am at a loss as to why you are engaged in all of this effort, in which few people would ever get involved or consider!  Intellectualism was not a consideration to Mrs. Eddy! In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mrs. Eddy wrote:  (Preface X line 30) "No intellectual proficiency is requisite in the learner, but sound morals are most desirable."

In other words, C.S. can be easily understood and demonstrated by those with (clean) honest hearts, who can discern between right and wrong, in every facet of life, including the political and economic!

I am grateful that this message was sent, because it opens up a question that is of vital importance for the survival of civilization, if no society as a whole. It opens up a question in which Mary Baker Eddy and her discovery of Christian Science play a pivotal role. The question involves the question as to what the nature of the human intellect is, and beyond that, what role it plays in understanding truth, which is a key element in Christian Science.

Let me invite you to distance yourself from that question for a moment, and consider first another question, a much simpler question. Consider the political question of whether the USA should scrap the private Federal Reserve system and replace it with a national bank under the sovereign control of the nation, as a means for the nation to extent to itself the needed financial credits for its self-development. This proposal has been presented to me, and so have countless arguments to the contrary. Now comes the crucial point. If I defend the above propoal as an opinion, contrary to other opinions, my opinion wouldn't be worth a single iota more than anyone else's opinion. However, if I were to present the above statement as a postulate based on discovered and proven universal principles, principles that can be understood and verified, then I would no longer project just an opinion. I would project a recognized truth that invalidates every other opinions, even some opinions I have held in the past. That difference illustrates the power of the human intellect. It is also reflected in everything that Mary Baker Eddy has but before humanity.

Yes, Mary Baker Eddy states that intellectual proficiency is not requisite in the learner of Christian Science. But why would she say that, if she says in the same breath, as it were, "the time for thinker has come." Indeed, she capitalizes the term, Mind, in reference to God and to man as God's image and reflection. She did no say, close your mind. To the contrary. She said, open your mind, "the time for thinkers has come."

So why does she say that intellectual proficiency is not requisite in the learner? Isn't the answer obvious? The answer is: What intellectual proficiency? There really was none at her time. Almost everything was based on opinion. And that really hasn't changed much to the present day.

Still, she is saying more than that. She is saying, true intellectual development begins here! It begins nowhere else. She called her discovery "Science," and the seat of science is the human intellect, an intellect that is able to discover and acknowledge universal principles, that is able to understand them, and to really know truth, and apply these principles on the basis of their truth. Christian Science treatment is not possible without this process. Mary Baker Eddy even created a college for the intellectual, spiritual, development of society, in which she herself taught for many years.

And still, Mary Baker Eddy did more than this. She created the most profound, and the most extensive pedagogical infrastructures ever created in human history, that supercedes all those developed by even the greatest geniuses of the past, like Socrates, Plato, Cusa, Gauss, and many more. Indeed, she is saying to humanity, intellectual development begins here, the world has nothing to prepare you for this; you haven't seen anything yet. And that advanced intellectual development is what she has provided for with every fiber of her being.

Everyone of her major works was designed to be structural coherent with her pedagogical infrastructure, which all of them thereby became integral parts of it. If the human intellect has no place in her vocabulary, as some people say, the question arises, why then did she capitalize the term, Mind, and why did she divide all of her works into 16 parts, or multiples thereof, and say to us on the first page of her textbook, the time for thinkers has come? The textbook is divided into 16 chapters, the Manual into 16 segments, the Lord's Prayer in 16 stanzas, her illustrated poem Christ and Christmas into 16 verses, the platform of Christian Science into 32 parts (2x16), and the Glossary of the textbook into 144 (9x16) definitions. And that is just the beginning. 

All of that, and a whole lot more, fits together with absolute precision and profundity, into a huge pedagogical structure designed for the moral, spiritual, and scientific development of humanity. Indeed all of that is also linked to the Apostle John's 'vision' of the end of all evil through spiritual and scientific development, presented in the Apocalypse as a city foursquare (16 elements) that John describes descending from God out of heaven.

That question that arises from this, is: Did Mary Baker Eddy divide all of her works into sixteen parts for idle fun? Or did she do it as a disciple of numerology? To even suggest such a thing would be an insult to her. But why did she do it? Isn't that a worthwhile question to pursue?

I think the answer to this question can be found in the proof of history. Throughout Mary Baker Eddy's time no great damage was done to society, but after her death, beginning in 1913, all hell broke loose. (I am using the term "death" in conjunction with her own statement, dictated just days before her passing: "I was mentally murdered.") In 1913, two years after her passing, the Federal Reserve system was created in the USA as a private central bank which took away the nation's sovereignty over its currency.  In the same year, the universal income tax was cemented into law. One year later Word War I was started, followed by World War II, followed by the Cold War that has not ended to the present day.

The difference between her time and ours is, that in her time there was at least one person, herself, who had placed her life on those pedagogical infrastructures and what they represented to her. The difference that I see in our time, is that the world says today: Who would even bother with that?

Well, I do bother. In fact, I would probably not be alive on this planet if I hadn't bothered myself with she has laid out before us, for our consideration and self-development. I had struggled at this time with a severe illness that appeared to be life-threatening. No Christian Science practitioner had been able to help me, including one who was also a Christian Science teacher. The healing came in in the background of the research and development work associated with Mary Baker Eddy pedagogical structures.

With that bit of history, the answer begins to emerge, for the above question: Why did she do all this?

Now let's go on to the real question: Why did I continue to explore the pedagogical infrastructures that Mary Baker Eddy has set up, and later work countless hours to make the result of those years of exploration available? Why indeed would I bother, if there is no interest in May Baker Eddy's pedagogical structures, which according to all evidence is largely the case. The simple reason for continuing the work, is that humanity requires this work. Mary Baker Eddy said that she looks to future ages to declare what the pioneer has accomplished. Obviously, that was not by choice. What is required in terms of discipline and scientific focus simply did not exist in her time in which the biggest issue was centered on who could build the grandest edifice, or trivial things like that. The Christian Science movement is still to a large measure at this stage. So what could Mary Baker Eddy have had in mind when she referred to, "future ages." Did she mean our time?

Well, the options are getting fewer, as time is running out. Just look at our time. We are standing with one foot in the grave of a nuclear war, and with the other in the grave of a momentous economic disintegration, the potentially worst in all of history.

On the nuclear front we are more vulnerable than we ever were, since the nuclear bombs have now been taken out of the strongbox of the strategic arsenal of weapons of last resort, and have been put on the shelf with everything else. And so the cries are getting lauder, to "nuke them!"

Our age may be that "future age" that Mary Baker Eddy had in mind in which her pedagogical structures are of absolute crucial importance. On the other hand, she may also have been thinking in larger terms. After all, time is not a factor in the realm of eternity. 

It is certainly possible, highly probable even (since we haven't stopped a single war yet, from unfolding), that we will pull the nuclear trigger some day soon, unless a radically new direction is pursued, which has never been done before to the extend that is needed now. For instance, no one had bothered to prevent World War I, or World War II, or the Cold War, or any other war in this last century that had become a century of wars, even though every one of these wars could have been prevented. Mary Baker Eddy's comment on this issue is in essence, that if we choose to live outside the sphere of universal principles (or in ignorance to them) we should feel no security although God is good.

Divine Love meets the human need on the basis of divine Principle manifest in the universal principles of the universe. It's a take it or leave it kind of thing, but in order to take it, it is necessary for us to KNOW the truth. That goes beyond clean hearts and kind intentions.

So why do I bother to do the work that I have done, and continue to do. Why have I devoted 20 years of my life to it with no visible rewards?

Perhaps the answer can best be found by taking a stroll to a local park. You may have come across some flowering trees whose flowers will later become seed pods containing countless tiny seeds, perhaps millions of them; and there may be thousands of these seed pods growing every year on that single tree. Then, as the autumn winds blow the seeds are all released and blow away with the wind. Occasionally, a single one of these takes root and becomes another tree, maybe one in a decade. So, the original tree might 'say' to itself after the first year when nothing results from all those millions of seeds having been grown and dispersed, why should I even bother to grow more? But this is not how the universe is designed, is it? It operates by universal principles, and so the tree keeps growing millions of seeds year after year, until, as is inevitable, the larger purpose is fulfilled.

It is certainly possible in our present age of an evermore rapidly growing insanity in high places, for society to blow itself up with its nuclear weapons. We've built tens of thousands of them to do this, and we can do it efficiently, in the wink of an eye.  Even as I write this, the debate goes on in halls of government over the financing for the development of a whole new generation of nuclear weapons.

So what about it, if we pull the trigger? Would the conflagration change the divine design for humanity? No! A few people will likely survive, and after the dust settles these will likely create a new civilization in a few thousand year, or in a hundred thousand years after the next ice age has ended. And the new civilization will be a human civilization with the same divine Spirit in their heart that we presently deny, and the same divine Mind reflected in their intellect that we we presently discard as worthless. With these, they will build a civilization that utilizes all of the infinite resources that we presently have available to us laying literally at our very feet, that we refuse to develop; including material resources, energy resources, cultural and scientific resources, and spiritual resources. That new civilization could very well create a world of light beyond anyone's dreams, with the capacity to spread life throughout the universe. The human being is capable of all that. That's also our present capability in this very age, if we but care to develop it.

It could also happen that this new civilization will blow itself up again, and another civilization will emerge after the next ice age that follows. Eventually however, the divine design for humanity will unfold, and the potentials that we possess right now and reject, will come to fruition. It appears the universe is a very patient place in which the infinite divine design invariably comes to fruition. So what is time? Is it a factor? Our sun won't burn itself out for another few thousand million years. However, there is something in all of this that is important to us in our time. The important factor is what we choose to do. Why should we not fulfill the divine design now, right in the present age, by utilizing all the resources that lay idle at our feet, and create with them a world far beyond anything we have ever dreamed about. The physical and intellectual resources for doing that are all at hand.

Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structures are the key element that humanity has been given with which to choose the development of the grandest future ever imagined, over a near certain global death that has already begun to creep into the human system.

With this in mind I place 20 years of work in exploring Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical infrastructures before humanity, and I am doing this on the platform that the development of this work is in humanity's vital self-interest; that it is in its self-interest to run with it, to explore it, to utilize it, and to promote it, just as Mary Baker Eddy has provided it for the future development of mankind. I have placed this work before humanity on the same platform as Mary Baker Eddy did, saying: here it is, take it, move the work forward.

On this platform I have requested funding assistance, with the full recognition that humanity is not disinterested in its most vital self-development and the security of its future. I would lie to myself if I assumed that I am the only person in the world who is so interested, regardless of what the evidence appears to be.

To date, there has been no response, and so the world grinds on. Still, the universal principle that Mary Baker Eddy understood on that issue, remains the same. She did not protest when she found no response to her greatest achievement in her lifetime, as she knew this response was assured in the immortality of all good. She only said, "I was mentally murdered."

Humanity in our age, may well inflict a tragic fate upon itself without ever realizing, much less utilizing, its profound potential. It may also be that a single seed, a single idea of truth, will spark, and the spark will become a flame, and the flame a great fire of light that will illumine the face of all humanity. Friedrich Schiller, Germany's renowned poet of freedom had once lamented to a friend that all the great moments in history have all too often met a small, small minded people. Thus, he worked to raise the standard of humanity to heights never before seen, and to some degree he did succeed. He succeeded even after his death. It is a little known fact that Napoleon's invasion of Russia was defeated on the bases of the human spirit that Schiller upraised, in the person of one of his associates who became a key adviser in Russia for the defense of that nation. His strategy was built on Schiller's intellectual achievement. And so it was, that the greatest military machine of that time was defeated, literally by a dead poet who had lived on in immortality.

I think the day will come when this will be said also about Mary Baker Eddy's achievements, the greatest of which society doesn't even want to bother with at this time. But I do bother, even though I don't know when its time will come. I believe the end is close at hand, for greed based economics, fascism, imperialism, empiricism, closed mined idiocy, and so forth, which have become evermore prevalent in recent times. The Apostle John predicted the end of all evil would be ushered in by spiritual and scientific development, Mary Baker Eddy has richly provided for this development with her pedagogical structures, and humanity itself has it in its very heart to bring the seemingly impossible to full fruition.

As far as I can see, Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical work is the key element in this chain. So, where does this leave me? Am I personally responsible for its full unfolding in humanity? No, my work is done. The exploration work is complete in every respect. The rest is out of my hands. The time has come to step back and take a vacation after twenty years of intense involvement; time to repair the kitchen floor and replace the furnace. The time has come for society to carry the ball, if it so chooses. Mary Baker Eddy pointed out that Christ Jesus paved the way for society. He fulfilled the role of the great Revelator and Exemplar, but he did not carry society on that road, on his shoulders. The responsibility to go that road was society's own. Like Mary Baker Eddy, he too, may have said that "future generations will declare what the pioneer has accomplished." That future may be now, it may begin with our generation; or it may be tomorrow's generation of thinkers who will carry the ball, which generation does not exist today, a generation of people with honest hearts and open minds. Or the unfolding may not begin with the next generation a decade from now, or 200,000 years from now. The Christ's immortality bridges all time. It also makes the infinite accessible now.

Still, there is one more aspect that needs to be addressed, as one final point, which may ultimately be the greatest reason for doing the work that I have done, because when everything has been considered and weighed, ones living at the leading edge of life is after all the greatest adventure that one can become engaged in, second to none. The only thing that I can add to this, is: Thank you, Mary Baker Eddy, for your science, and for your revolutionary pedagogical work.

Rolf Witzsche